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Joy Ride Turbo’s Title Update Goes Live

  • spletchiespletchie531,928
    Posted on 31 August 12 at 15:37, Edited on 31 August 12 at 15:39 by spletchiePermalink
    RedemtionOWNAGE said:
    Pretty sweet was thinking about getting this soon when I finally decide to whip out my kinect
    Joy Ride Turbo is a non-Kinect XBLA game. I think you're confusing it with the Kinect-only retail game Kinect Joy Ride.
  • Posted on 01 September 12 at 17:31Permalink
    It didn't ask me to download an update when I started it!? :s
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  • I Null II Null I185,646
    Posted on 02 September 12 at 19:52Permalink
    This any good?
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