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I'm at 98.33% completed, any ideas?

Posted on 18 June 13 at 17:50
I know there have been a few threads about this, but I've been stuck at this percentage for a few days now and I can't figure out what I'm missing. I wanted to get a community consensus on this as well. I know for a fact I've been through all of the activities with each friend, multiple time in fact. I've also won each game multiple times, and gotten the high score in Qubed.

Two things that concern me. First, it says I've only met 11 random strangers. I've read somewhere that needs to say 12 for the 100%. Secondly, do we need to have each friends 'like' at 100% for the achievement?

I know for a fact I have done all of the bigger stuff, such as pigeons, stunt jumps, car delivery, all of that. It all has completed numbers under stats. So I am at a loss for what I am missing. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Posted on 19 June 13 at 00:33, Edited on 19 June 13 at 00:34 by Capta1n0bvious3
If you have a .33 or .66 you've missed an activity with a friend. There's no way to know which either. You must keep doing them til you find the one you missed.
That's the only thing that has an odd number like this.
Posted on 19 June 13 at 06:23
Thank you very much! However, I swear I've done all the activities with the three different friends. Is it possible one just keeps not counting? How do I ensure all the activities count?
Posted on 19 June 13 at 20:51
I've never heard of 1 not counting.
I forgot that unlocking each friends special Abilities also earns you 1.66% towards 100%. So if you haven't gotten one of those they count too.
Here's what you get as a percentage for each thing in case you're wondering, I copied this from GTAforums:

Missions Complete main story missions 60%
Missions Drug deliveries for Jacob 2%
Missions Races for Brucie 2%
Missions Exotic Imports for Brucie 2%
NOTE (Receive these via email)
Missions Assassinations 2%
Car Thefts Complete all 30 car thefts 2%

Friends Brucie - Special ability (unlocked @ 70% like) (5/3) 1.66%
Friends Jacob - Special ability (unlocked @ 60% like) (5/3) 1.66%
Friends Packie - Special ability (unlocked @ 75% like) (5/3) 1.66%
Friends Brucie - Do all available activities (5/3) 1.66%
Friends Jacob - Do all available activities (5/3) 1.66%
Friends Packie - Do all available activities (5/3) 1.66%
Activities Beat computer or friend pool 1.25%
Activities Beat computer or friend darts 1.25%
Activities Beat computer or friend bowling (A FULL GAME) 1.25%
Activities Get the high score in the Cub3d arcade game 1.25%
Random Characters Do all random character missions 5%
NOTE (excluding Jeff, Ivan, Clarence, and Cherise)
NOTE the ones that count give you .5% each,

Most Wanted Via police computer, 10 on each island 2.5%
Vigilante Bust 20 criminals, also done via police computer 2.5%
Flying Rats Kill all 200 Pigeons 2.5%
Unique Stunts Complete all 50 unique stunts 2.5%

That adds up to 100%
I copied that here:

That's why I say the friends activities are what you are missing cause that's the only thing that is an odd number like that.
I'd say do an activity, write it down, do another, write it down and so forth. I'm sure there's something that is missing somehow.
Sunny Kloud
Sunny Kloud
Posted on 22 October 17 at 22:06
thank you Capta1n0bvious3, I also had this number missing and it was an activity with Brucie.
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