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Chaos;Head: Love Chu*Chu! Walkthrough Discussion

  • Posted on 17 May 13 at 15:20
    Please use this thread to discuss the Chaos;Head: Love Chu*Chu! walkthrough
  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth205,404
    Posted on 07 August 13 at 11:06
    Looking for a new owner. If interested, please post in this thread of let either myself or Ergo Me Smart know.

  • FoerlFoerl605,531
    Posted on 25 July 14 at 05:33
    i'd like to write a guide!
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE529,974
    Posted on 26 July 14 at 18:54
    Foerl said:i'd like to write a guide!Check your PM's mate
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  • Sammler 360Sammler 360481,477
    Posted on 20 March 15 at 09:51, Edited on 20 March 15 at 10:09 by Sammler 360
    I made a walktrough for this game.

    The walktrough I used from another forum wasn't enough for me,
    I made a mistake which cost me 7 hours to findout
    and later I realised how you can complete this game so much faster.

    I needed to start this game from scratch to find my mistake and this was a good reason for me to write a walkthrough at the same time because I don't saw any walktrough here on TA.

    The mistake was that I don't played the last decision to the end. facepalm

    I found out right now, that Foerl wanted to write one 8 month ago and I never engaged with walktroughs or the system, how the creating process of any walktrough works.

    I want to apoligize for this circumstance and maybe you're interested to implement my guide here on TA.
  • Posted on 11 June 15 at 02:54
    The walkthrough is missing 1 achievement and 25 gamerscore from it's page.

    Chaos;Head: Love Chu*Chu!Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Chaos;Head: Love Chu*Chu! worth 26 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
    The Speed Runner [Completion > Ratio > Gamerscore]
  • xDaffxDaff398,190
    Posted on 11 June 15 at 05:50
    Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I believe I have fixed it. As I am unaccustomed to games like these, if someone could verify it's now correct, it would be appreciated.
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  • Posted on 11 June 15 at 13:04
    No problem, it seems to be in the correct order from looking at my achievement time stamps.
    The Speed Runner [Completion > Ratio > Gamerscore]
  • winginorwinginor1,627,655
    Posted on 11 June 15 at 23:41
    There is an error in the 6th playthrough it must be 3, 4, 10 instead of 3, 4, 9
  • Sammler 360Sammler 360481,477
    Posted on 12 June 15 at 10:43
    Thank you winginor .
    I changed it and sent it to the overseer.
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE529,974
    Posted on 12 June 15 at 10:57
    Changes have been published. compute
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  • PerfectOO7PerfectOO7958,440
    Posted on 26 July 16 at 20:30, Edited on 26 July 16 at 20:45 by PerfectOO7
    The guide is ok, but could be better. For the first playthroughs you don't know, if you need to mark those triggers and then back out to the main screen to start a new game. Furthermore there are a couple of questions like "do you want to save" at the end of the game, which are not covered. Most of the time I just said "hai" to hopefully save the game. Would be helpful to add those as well.

    The "last negative decisions" section is somehow a pain in the ass. Only tennis court and the black screen are clear, because those are only one time in the list. All others are a guess. I just tried and found some of those. Trigger 9 is still missing and I don't think it is available for me. A screenshot or similar would help a lot to understand, which pictures are meant. Or just using the numbers shown in the list as done before.

    But anyway thanks for the guide. At least I got most of the Achivements.

    EDIT: I tried some of the pictures and had luck to find the missing one ... Completed.
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