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Achievement Boosting

Information Posted on 15 April 09 at 09:37
Please make arrangements for achievement boosting in OutRun™ Online Arcade in this thread
Trikke den 1e
Trikke den 1e
Posted on 30 July 09 at 18:53, Edited on 30 July 09 at 19:02 by Trikke den 1e

I need to unlock the 'legend' and 'leader of the pack' (online) achievements.

If you want to help me, and perhaps those as well to be popped on your screen, send me a FR and msg me about boosting outrun.

C ya

GT: Trikke den 1e


Posted on 15 August 09 at 14:48
Anyone still want to boost 'legend' and 'leader of the pack' (online) achievements? If you do send me a FR and msg.