Game Discussion: Superstar Karaoke

I'm looking to buy this game

  • Beth BearBeth Bear1,440,789
    Posted on 21 June 13 at 08:03
    If anyone who has played this and finished it me are willing to sell it PLEASE message me.. I've been searching for this game for ages I'd be willing to pay in the region of 100-120 pounds for a copy.. Please let me know!!!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 07 September 15 at 18:07
    I may have a copy of this soon. If you're still interested, I'm willing to hand it over for the exact same price I bought it (It's the same price you're looking to buy it for too). Game is in great condition and I'll send pictures if necessary.

    Feel free to PM me.
    Hydro Thunder Hurricane
  • King GBFKing GBF881,395
    Posted on 11 March 16 at 15:50
    Anyone else selling this? Please send me a pm, thanks!
  • zeldafanjtlzeldafanjtl164,921
  • jjaldanajjaldana99,353
    Posted on 15 October 20 at 01:21
    Im selling the game if anyone is interested.
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