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Little Acorns (WP) Gets Its Price Slashed

  • wBRYwBRY749,816
    Posted on 09 October 12 at 03:16
    Posted on 09 October 12 at 03:33
    The demo really impressed me, I was just waiting for a price drop. Definitely happened sooner than I expected, awesome.
  • Vr EnglishVr English800,437
    Posted on 09 October 12 at 09:01
    Sold, thanks for the heads up.
  • Posted on 09 October 12 at 09:21
    OMG i cannot resist *Starts to download* 18 games to start/complete on my windows phone now i wish i got a 16GB instead of a 8GB Lumina :( I have no room for anything else.
  • gatordeve86gatordeve86321,539
    Posted on 09 October 12 at 10:52
    i learned my lesson buying full priced games new with Pacman Kart.. I wanted this now i guess I can pick it up clap
    -The Deve
  • LGS I HitmanLGS I Hitman1,499,397
    Posted on 09 October 12 at 12:24
    Hoffman said:
    LGS I Hitman said:
    I wish they would give price cuts to more of the expensive titles as i will buy it regardless of it being good or bad as long as it's 79p
    I like that I can put it on my phone bill and then worry about it at the end of the month.
    I was talking about buying one or two at a time not the whole lot at once
    Mpphhh mphh mph mphhhh mphhh mhh! - Red Pyro
  • mcdouggmcdougg70,708
    Posted on 09 October 12 at 15:36
    Purchased... Not too bad for 79p
  • Posted on 09 October 12 at 23:20
    Need my Lumia 920 !!
  • U2NUMBU2NUMB962,339
    Posted on 10 October 12 at 00:57
    Awesome. I was hoping for a price drop on this one.
  • boldfoxrdboldfoxrd470,224
    Posted on 24 July 13 at 19:00
    I just bought this game a few days ago. It's really good fun and well worth 79p. I would rather play it with a controller though. The DS would have been perfect.
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