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Needing The Special Achievement

Sgt Vampz
Sgt Vampz
Posted on 15 April 13 at 19:13
can anyone unbox me the special pinata please??

also willing to help people get what they need in game, i can hatch ANY egg via vision cam including chiplodicus for 50G
Posted on 16 April 13 at 08:10
Viva Piñata: Trouble In ParadiseFamous PiñataThe Famous Piñata achievement in Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise worth 51 pointsObtain a special Piñata from the website (or trade one with someone who has)

Comment on some of these solutions and see who will unbox one for you, that is probably your best bet for this achievement since I believe that the person who was giving them out on the official forum has had to stop.
Posted on 06 May 13 at 01:38
I see you got this, but I was wondering how!

I posted on TA and a about this achievement, but nobody was able to help.

It's been on my "To Do" list for nearly a year now.

Maybe it's a problem with time zones.
Posted on 06 May 13 at 08:29, Edited on 06 May 13 at 08:33 by anomalystic777
Your best bet is to comment on the solutions or PM the solution writers with your time zone and a polite request to see if they could help you out.

The guy on piñataisland had to stop giving them out sadly so here or other achievement sites are really your only options.

The OP got the achievement, presumably from someone on this site, hopefully he will read this and let you know who helped him out, or you could look at the comments in the solutions to see who he asked.

In regards to time zones, you may have to get up for 10 minutes in the early morning or stay up late but it will only be for 1 night and you will finally get the achievement.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 08 October 13 at 12:31
would anybody be willing to trade their famous pinata?

I have A
Wildcard Fourheads
Wildcard sweedle - Blue Variant
wildcard Sparrowmint
Wildcard Whirlm
Wildcard Bispotti
Wildcard Shellybean
Wildcard Mousemallow
Wildcard Bunnycomb

I'd be willing to trade them all.
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