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E3 2011: Tomb Raider Gameplay Video

  • Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:30
    Looks great :D
  • GuruThaGreatGuruThaGreat1,066,311
    Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:52
    This looks a lot more exciting than the most recent Tomb Raider games. Overall there just seems to be more depth and much more realism. I am very excited for this, but the wait is going to be long. At least there won't be any shortage of good games to play while I wait.
  • Worm xWorm x162,029
    Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:52
    This looks really really good. Can't wait! smile
  • KanjiKokaKanjiKoka289,381
    Posted on 06 June 11 at 22:10, Edited on 06 June 11 at 22:26 by KanjiKoka
    Never though I'd say this- (!!!)


    Where's the pre-order sign up?!!!

    Damn, I have only watched 2 and a half minutes of the video! shock

    Edit: Ha, for someone who just got impaled, she's pretty nimble! laugh

    I'm in love all over again...[drool]
  • Posted on 06 June 11 at 22:43
    Looks Beautiful. Q3 2012.... bit too far off tho. This will really mean Q1 2013 after customary delay. Pity the world will have ended by then.
  • ChrisChrimboChrisChrimbo666,542
    Posted on 06 June 11 at 22:54
    looking really good, wish there was some combat gameplay though, still day 1 buy for me.
  • HuGh1212HuGh121234,055
    Posted on 06 June 11 at 23:44
    JC x SkillZ said:
    I will be looking closely at this I haven't played tomb raider in a while
    Same, hopefully this will upset this trend. Poor show for all these years.
  • AnavrynAnavryn539,958
    Posted on 07 June 11 at 02:19
    I never thought I'd say this about a tomb raider game, but this looks absolutely amazing! If they can keep this kind of intensity through the whole game then this will be a sure hit. This is definitely the new direction I would love to see the series go (minus the excessive moaning).
  • Posted on 07 June 11 at 04:16
    will be keeping an eye on this
  • SanadaSanada680,700
    Posted on 07 June 11 at 04:35
    Glad all of these videos are being posted. I missed this one on gametrailers or whatever it was. I have a good feeling with the direction this series is going, haven't enjoyed one of the games since PS1 though.
    You seem a little furious...
  • ronnie42ronnie42425,972
    Posted on 07 June 11 at 05:52
    Graphic's look nice but that barely looks like lara croft. warning

    Also whats up with the fake british accent? roll
  • Posted on 07 June 11 at 06:05
    The setting is going to definitely be a great selling point.
    Sure everyone has done the mysterious island thing, but this looks to be ready to be executed already. Shame we've still got over a year to go on it. :/
  • Posted on 07 June 11 at 15:23
    Had to turn down my volume, sounded like I was watching something I shouldn't be.

    Nonetheless looks refreshing from Lara.
  • Posted on 07 June 11 at 23:07
    Great reboot of the series. 2012 is getting crowded for titles and it's not even here yet lol
  • Posted on 08 June 11 at 04:23
    never thought i'd give a shit about a tomb raider game, but this is looking like it could shape up to be something pretty impressive
    Posted on 11 June 11 at 05:44
    That gameplay featured more grunting and groaning than a European sex party...
  • Posted on 11 June 11 at 21:40
    I love the TR series and this one is looking fantastic. Lara's yelling and moaning will take some getting used to since we're used to seeing her as a badass heroine, but we'll have to keep in mind THIS is where it all started. She's not used to taking the abuse of adventuring quite yet and it makes sense for CD to actually add that aspect to the game. Can't wait!
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  • D KenchiD Kenchi146,037
    Posted on 12 June 11 at 21:44
    :0 .............. must buy
  • FFFreak1129FFFreak1129239,196
    Posted on 13 June 11 at 03:40
    The gameplay looked really good. I'm definately looking forward to playing this game after watching the video. Will probably wind up pre-ordering it.
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