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Can't post comments on friend feed with Firefox

Not a bug
Posted on 24 November 12 at 19:31, Edited on 24 December 14 at 20:17 by CriticalRespawn
This just started recently today but when I click on the post button after typing a message out it just has the loading icon where the post button used to be and never makes the post. Same thing happens when I use internet explorer on my windows phone.

It works fine though on IE on the computer. Both firefox and IE are up to date and have the latest flash player installed.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 25 November 12 at 02:12
This is most likely because your login cookie has expired, and to the server you're logged out despite that you see yourself has logged in.

Two workarounds:
1. My Settings > Log In > Log In Cookie Expiration > Forever
2. Log out and log back in again.

Posting a message or a comment has NOTHING to do with flash.
Posted on 25 November 12 at 02:22
Thanks, that fixed it. Though I do have my cookie expiration set to forever. I suppose there must be wrong with something with how the cookies are stored on the site seeing as I see other people posting about how it logs them out alot.
Posted on 25 November 12 at 11:52
Happens sometimes for me, and logging out and back in always fixes it.
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