Game Discussion: UNO (Xbox 360)

Offering Help

  • SLN360SLN36031,732
    Posted on 27 February 11 at 16:53
    I'm offering help if you want to boost the online achievements. Message me on XBOX LIVE.
  • HorZa IXHorZa IX142,392
    Posted on 01 August 11 at 12:21
    Boosting session had a now show if anyone is on right now message me asap!
  • Wylaf BeulbeWylaf Beulbe892,200
    Posted on 31 October 11 at 06:45
    Boosting session for tuesday Nov 01 is up if you want to help out.
    Bring the Bacon!!
  • Posted on 03 April 13 at 05:52
    is anyone able to get together for an online boosting session? msg me on xbl if you can. I'll work around you.

    Really struggling with the 10 4 player wins as everyone keeps quitting.
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  • Posted on 04 August 14 at 11:05
    I'm offering help boosting the online achievments.
    Just send me a message on XBOX LIVE.
  • Posted on 31 December 14 at 13:20
    I also need the online, 4 player achievements.

    If anybody still needs them, and wants to boost, please send me a message at any time, my GT is the same as my name here.
  • DuncosDuncos895,446
    Posted on 26 January 16 at 18:24
    Is this still available? Just need 3 people for the 4 player cheevo
    They call me Commander Shepard.
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