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Played F.E.AR! Should I Play F.E.A.R Files?

Posted on 31 October 11 at 09:54
I played the original F.E.A.R game (XBox 360 Version), and I thought it was average! I got a bit fed up playing the campaign numerous times just to get certain achievements. Ouu... I know about that Ammo Hog Achievement... Glitchy Thing!

Anyways, I recently got F.E.A.R Files, and I tried it a couple of times on my other profile, and I've been on and off it! One minute I'm saying "Yeah I'll give it a go", and the next "Nah! Not going to bother!"

Need some help guys! You think this game is worth the play, or should I just get rid of it? I had F.E.A.R 2. But since I go for achievements, I got rid of the game because of the 1 Million Point Five Star General! Although, I have been tempted on a couple of occasions to get it back!

I know for certain, that if I do keep F.E.A.R Files, I would want to 100% finish F.E.A.R first!

Anyways, thanks all!

Das Kuhnen
Das Kuhnen
Posted on 01 November 11 at 17:36
Too many exclamation points! Try decaf coffee smile

I played Files on pc, it's basically an expansion with 2 shorter campaigns and some new multiplayer. If you liked FEAR 1, go for it, it's pretty much the same gameplay wise.
For the Rum and the Cheese!
Posted on 01 November 11 at 19:29, Edited on 01 November 11 at 19:30 by BulgyDragonZord
haha lol! yeah my bad. I'm so used to doing Exclamation Marks rather than Full Stops in Computer Comments!

I don't drink Coffee. I take Tea... No Sugar! Stirred, not shaken! laugh

Well, I suppose you have a point! I found the first F.E.A.R OK, just repeatitive! I guess in one way, if I did sell it online, it won't be worth much, and also the online achievements look simple to get!

Could be a keeper mate!
Das Kuhnen
Das Kuhnen
Posted on 01 November 11 at 20:18
yeah, I picked up my copy of Files for like $8 US dollars.. probably could've found cheaper
For the Rum and the Cheese!
Posted on 25 January 12 at 01:20
Well "should you" if you found it ok maybe I loved the feel of this but to familer to number one and fear 2was the best grind ever over 150hours there
Or1g1nal S1nn3r
Posted on 25 January 12 at 15:11
Also keep in mind that F.E.A.R. Files are not canon to the story of F.E.A.R. as they were made by a different developer. Basically everything that happens in Perseus Mandate and Extraction Point never happened. Keep this in mind if you plan to play the second and third games.
Posted on 12 November 17 at 21:23
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