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Join the Crimson Ravens

Posted on 15 March 12 at 15:17, Edited on 20 March 12 at 22:33 by Foxfire49
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Think you'll work well in a squad?

Then join Crimson Ravens today!
Crimson Ravens has members from all over the world so no matter where your from, someone will always be able to play!
We have our own competitive squads dominating the gaming world from Battlefield 3 to Halo:Reach. We also have Gears of War 3, Killzone 3, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. So no matter what your platform or game, we have members ready to play along with you!

We have our own rank system and ribbons so your efforts within the clan never go unnoticed. Join events and be active on forums and you'll be promoted, take on a clan job and you could be promoted to an officer!!

Ever been in those clans that won't talk to you much because your new and they want you to prove yourself?

At Crimson Ravens you don't have to worry about a thing, we have our own recruit handlers to introduce you to the clans members and get you in game with them ASAP!

Ever found that some clans have forums which never get used?

Here at Crimson Ravens we have new posts everyday and a live stream and chat that can keep you on the site for hours without even playing with our members!

With 100+ active members and daily events there is always something to do!

We have also been featured by PCGamer and we have our own store!

So join Crimson Ravens today!!!

All you have to do is meet these requirements and you'll be gaming in no time!!

- Must have a Mic
- Must be over 18
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FeNDaaR v
FeNDaaR v
Posted on 15 March 12 at 15:37
Hey man you want me to message you the updated version of the post? Its got all the links already done and some feedback has been added to it so its a bit better than this one, all you'll have to do is copy and paste really.
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