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Windows Phone Releases and DotW: August 1st, 2013

  • Posted on 05 August 13 at 15:10
    Ok this is weird. I am able to purchase content on the phone marketplace with money, but I still can't purchase anything with my LIVE account on the console and I still can't log in.

    Oh well, at least I can still play my games and was able to pick up ilomilo.
  • SalsbarSalsbar1,087,918
    Posted on 08 August 13 at 00:13
    SaltyTON said:
    Salsbar said:
    I got ilomilo. The game is really fun! Going to be an easy completion for sure.
    It's bloody difficult. You can't say it's easy if you use a guide...
    I completed the game without using a guide...
    "I target more heads than a priest on Ash Wednesday."
  • GhostWrexGhostWrex379,791
    Posted on 12 August 13 at 08:27
    ^^as did I
  • boldfoxrdboldfoxrd461,416
    Posted on 25 August 13 at 20:22
    nearly there too
  • pezza888pezza888169,294
    Posted on 25 November 13 at 18:43
    Kind of annoyed I missed ilomilo's sale. Happened a couple of weeks before I got a windows phone. cry
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