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Deal of the Week: July 23rd, 2013

  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic630,053
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:28
    LMFAO 20$ FOR CONVICTION! What a rip off
  • Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:29
    Quite a poor week for sales this week. cry
  • Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:30
    I poo on this deal.

    At least I can finally save some money, last week was a tad exspensive.
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  • deutschZuiddeutschZuid539,018
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:31
    None that I am interested in... angry
  • Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:33
    I've been talking about R6V as of late. Too bad I already own it, but funny that it's now part of this DOTW.

    Wasn't the DLC for Conviction on the sale not too long ago? Or, was it reduced and put back on sale? I can't remember.
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  • Tanelorn82Tanelorn82476,020
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:36

    Conviction is 10$ new in store here... everywhere. But still a good game.
  • Kyotic GBabyKyotic GBaby1,599,408
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:45
    I wish Xbox would do better deals like playstation. Everybody that wanted these already have them. Xbox needs to step up on the deals.
  • Kovy88Kovy882,078,291
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:50
    All of the games are very old and a physical copy of any these can be purchased for a couple of euros or dollars. (or pounds)
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  • DarquesydeDarquesyde528,823
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:56, Edited on 23 July 13 at 20:58 by Darquesyde
    Don't forget that EndWar has discontinued achievements due to the servers being closed for Theatre of War.
  • LGS I HitmanLGS I Hitman1,442,288
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 20:57
    Nothing good on sale apart from splinter cell dlc which i already have
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  • ZalshaZalsha395,178
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 21:02
    I am getting Ghost Recon Future Soldier soon, I was hoping to would be part of this sale. Oh well, $20 is still a good price for it GoD.
  • JakeythedudeJakeythedude725,547
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 21:06
    Poor Deals. I have Conviction and DLC, Rainbox Six 1 + 2. Not paying 10 for graw 2 though.
  • FoBoFoBo375,003
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 21:10
    Rainbow Six Vegas is £8.99. I'm struggling to sell my copy on Ebay for £2! I don't understand how they expect to make that much money on old games.
  • ttalVlattttalVlatt147,856
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 21:11
    Damn I've been waiting for Max Payne 3 season pass and Last two ME3 DLCs for ages but if I buy them now I know full well what the next week's sale will be...
  • Posted on 23 July 13 at 21:31
    Not interested in any of these.
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  • Posted on 23 July 13 at 21:41
    Seems whenever there is a sale I can still get the games physical copies from eBay or a shop for alot cheaper.

    The digital sales need to improve alot before I get too excited. The Czech deals have been good lately though!
  • Posted on 23 July 13 at 21:43
    Another week I can pass up. Money saved for Xbox One and Diablo III! smile
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  • livingt0nlivingt0n736,832
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 21:52
    Darn, I was hoping for some $5 pickups
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  • Paschal015Paschal015159,065
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 21:53
    Conviction should be like $7.50 and everything else should be $5 or under. This sale is a joke, I bought Conviction for less 2 YEARS ago, and that was a physical copy from GameStop of all places. Disappointed again.
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