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XBLA Wednesday: June 26th, 2013

  • Posted on 27 June 13 at 14:09
    Now that I've played the D&D arcade game that's up, I'm starting to realize that making a video game adaptation of their card game is not the best use of the Magic franchise. I mean it's okay, but it would be so much cooler if they found a way to implement the cards into a real game, not some lame reinvention where it takes forever to make a deck even half as good as my real ones. I know lots of people still love the game they're putting out, but seriously imagine a badass adventure game with those creature designs. Or even if they just did like the Yu-Gi-Oh cartoon and had simulated battles with the cards.

    Granted, it still wouldn't have free nudity, so I think my top "buy" for this week kind of chooses itself.
  • Posted on 27 June 13 at 16:12
    CounterInsurgnt said:
    Snowed said:
    CounterInsurgnt said:
    Can't wait for magic! first day buy....I'm going to work.... speeding, speeding home, and playing it all day, night, and all day Thursday.

    when I get 400 I'll play Spartacus.
    This is pathetic...

    Just play the real game if you like it that much. Dotp is great fun but its still magic with training wheels...
    dude... are you really going to follow me around and try to flame every thing I say?

    I say I like magic dotp and thats pathetic? just let it go man, my god.
    Awkward part is that Snowed has played and finished Magic Dotp. Pot, kettle, anyone?
    Congratulations, you monster.
  • ArcheimArcheim429,676
    Posted on 27 June 13 at 18:05
    Okay... so yesterday i was able to get on and play Spartacus for a while and i enjoyed it. For those who had questions and havent played (or been able to log in) there is a single player element to the game, but the game wants you to be online all the time. When you go to select a match online, you pick your character you want and your gear, and then you can go on and play against the cpu while the matchmaking part happens. Once everything is set up with a human challenger it will take you out of your cpu game and pit you against the challenger. You can access a list of moves/combos for each weapon type online via pressing start.

    I havent figured out how to switch towns yet, but i suspect it's something ridiculously easy and that i am just stupid.
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