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Posted on 27 July 08 at 10:50
Tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies and your gaming history!


Posted on 27 July 08 at 10:53
OK, I'll start.

I'm a 33 year old IT Manager working in London.

I got married to my lovely wife last year, she let's me play games if I let her watch Hollyoaks and Big Brother (compromise is what's being married is all about folks ;o).

I started my gaming life with an Atari 2600 and a copy of Pacman. Since then I've had various Spectrums (48k, 128k) and various Amigas (500 and 500+) before getting into consoles with the PS1 and PS2 and the original Xbox.

I now have a 360, wii, DS and PSP and am seriously considering getting a PS3.

I also write quite a few websites in my spare time, and I am massively into various forms of music (indie, hip hop, trance and funky house in particular.)

Oh, I also had a season ticket at spurs for 5 years before I moved to South East London and when I stopped going they immediately finished 5th in the league twice and won the carling cup. So I'm scared to go any more!


Posted on 29 July 08 at 01:49
Hi, I'm OtisFamily, but I normally use Otisbum as a name on other sites.

I love music, games, guitar, and some other stuff. When I'm on the internet I spend the majority of my time at x360a while listening to music.

I have around 90% of all game consoles from Genesis to the 360, but those two would have to be my favorites.

And that's about it. :P
Posted on 29 July 08 at 03:34, Edited on 29 July 08 at 08:58 by Frostbite
Hey I'm a 27 year old HARCORE gamer, I have been playing for alot of years. I work at a steel mill in Monroe, MI, so I do have an eractic online game time. I love my 360, currently I am on my 4th; this one is an ELite, hopfully it will last a little longer than the rest. I also can call myself a gamerscore whore, and I am EAGERLY awating hitting 100K, so many of my friends have already surpassed me, so I am trying to catch up.

I am currently on a gaming streak of 600 days straight(viewable @ xbox360voice). I hope you will check out my blog, and perhaps leave a comment, or ADD me as a "watcher." I also frequent x360a.org and now I have found a new home @ trueachievements.com.

I hope this website will stick around awhile and I hope that if you want to play, please send me a FR (but PLEASE w/ a messge, so I know where you are coming from.)

Original Timmy
Posted on 29 July 08 at 15:24
Hello,Im 30 years old from the UK and called Timmy77 on most other sites,Ive been into gaming since the old days of pong(the old paddle and ball game),ive had most machines from the speccy 48k up to our lovely xboxes.Although ive never had a Neo Geo,but i still would love one to go with my console collection.

My fave games are Tony Hawks,Mortal Kombat3,Gran Turismo series(the only reason to buy as playstaion) and the mighty COD4.

Im into most music,but mainly listen to old skool Hip Hop(NWA,Snoop,Krs1,etc) and UK Hip Hop(Streets,Sway,Example,etc).
Posted on 31 July 08 at 03:08
Hello, I am a 30yr. old gamer from Northwest Montana in the US. I to heard about this site from x360a. I spend the majority of my gaming now on either Rock Band or Civilization Revolution.
The Yiddler
The Yiddler
Posted on 01 August 08 at 14:04
Hi im Yid1984 otherwise known as Dan in real life ; ) I am 24 and live in Hampshire UK. Been a gamer since i first remember being alive. Aparently i used to stay up all night watching my dad play gauntlet when i was 2.

First gaming memory was playing summer games on my dads C64 with my younger brother then i never played it after we had a Game Gear delivered : )

Had most consoles since then but now im a exclusive hardcore 360 owner. My GS is only 25126 as i have only had this GT since Feb, used to share wiv my brother before. I try to play everyday but the girlfriend dosent seem to like it lol.

Keep gaming guys and send a FR if any of you wanna game wiv me.
Posted on 21 August 08 at 07:40
Well , I'm 41 from Dunedin , NZ.Married wth daughter and work as a baker.
On 2nd 360 , this one been an Elite.
Can't rember 1st gaming console but have had the lot the most fun I had was playing SWOS on the Amiga.
A big fan of Tottenham H.
Love may shooter games
Posted on 21 August 08 at 21:53, Edited on 04 December 08 at 18:53 by LAFORGE 13
well hell i'm 30 from the USA i sell Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, i've been a gamer for most of my life from the atari on up. i love FPS,sports and puzzle games, send a fr and we can play sometime
Posted on 22 August 08 at 20:04
I am a 29 year old gamer. I have been around games in some form since about 1986, on an old and slow Tandy computer. I started then playing Jack Nicklaus Golf with my parents. I have had a Ninetendo, Sega Gensis, PS2, Xbox, and 2 Xbox 360's. I am with the rest of you, hoping this one will last longer then the rest. I usually play military shooters and sports games. But I am trying to broaden my gaming, so if anyone has suggestions let me know. Oh, I also work at UPS, so if you have questions about shipping 360s with UPS, ask.
Posted on 23 August 08 at 00:27, Edited on 23 August 08 at 02:56 by Randomnutta
Hey names Kiera im 21 I live in Aus Ima girl
I spend more time on achievement websites rather than playing :p
I play pretty much anything and everything
Posted on 24 August 08 at 19:57
27 years old from Pennsylvania. I was shown this site from a friend of mine. I help out with a website...www.breakingthegame.com. I play when I can and love seeing new things like this come about. See you all on Live!

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 25 August 08 at 22:41
Hi...my name is PhatCodyLee, and im an addict :( *hi cody* I got a problem with gamerscore....I DONT HAVE ENOUGH!!! I love this stuff..I will be the first to try and hlp you achieve and also the first to mak fun of you....what are friends for? I am 25 and have been married for 5. Live in Ohio and live to game...i would tell you my job but ya wouldnt belive me anyway!!! Send me a FR and lets do this damn thing but be warned that YRMOMSONMYFRIENDSLIST!!!!

P.S. if you see me at gridlock you better just jump out the map!!!
Xx NTAEndar xX
Posted on 30 August 08 at 04:53
Greetings, I'm Endar. I am teh leader of ClaN NTA(Noise Tank Androids). I liek hardcore music. I am a hardcore/pwnage/pro gamer. I have done both Wave 100 for Joust & Robotron: 2084. I am teh youngest gamer to do either one and both. I am a completionist. I am 100% legit pwnage of course.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 30 August 08 at 05:04
Hi, im Psych. I am a member of clan NTA (Noise Tank Androids) I rape all games I play. Im one of teh few to unlock wave 100 for joust legit. So if you need help with a game feel free to ask.:)
Artemis Artium
Posted on 31 August 08 at 17:43
Hey guys! Some of you know me already but I am Artemis, my friends call me Arte. I am 21 years old and I have lived many places. Some of the most interesting are Japan, Sydney, and London. I have also lived all over the US.

I love to play games and I love to help out even more. I moderate on multiple forums and I am administrator on two. (Don't know how you guys feel about advertising, so I will leave it at that.) I am an active GamerDad and I don't mind questions.

Posted on 07 September 08 at 00:50
Hello everyone. Eh, where to start?

Well, I own every Nintendo system ever made. I bought a 360 a little over a month ago because I got bored of the Wii and all my friends had a 360 (plus I really wanted to get GTA IV).

I like pretty much every game type except for sports and racing (excluding the Burnout series). My favourite is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. But my favourite 360 game right now is GTA IV. In case you couldn't tell by the way I spell "favourite", I'm from Canada.

I look forward to playing with you online! That's it I guess.
Posted on 07 September 08 at 04:33
17 year old student living in Toronto, Canada.

Gaming since I was 6 on the PC, and started my xbox experience soon after Forza Motorsport was released. Been hooked on Xbox Live since. Got my 360 on launch date, and have been addicted to achievements since early 2007, which gives me a big head start on most players...

I enjoy biking, skiing and soccer with the occasional paintball.

Thats all I can think of now...
Posted on 09 September 08 at 03:02
I'm a 19 Year Old student attending University to study for a HND in Information Technology. I also have a National Diploma in IT too. I specialise in Web Development (Mainly using PHP), I also program windows applications using C# and Visual Basic. Not to mention my love of making Flash games.

My gaming experience really started with the Mega Drive (Or Genesis) back in 1991 - my first game was Sonic 1 and I'm not ashamed to admit that I love Sonic still after all of those years (even if the later games have been a little bit disappointing).

I moved on to the Playstation and then later the PS2 before deciding to get a 360. Since then I've turned into a bit of an achievement junkie - playing pretty much anything I could in order to gain achievements. After 3 months of playing I'd racked up 8,000G which is quite a feat for me as I wasn't that big into gaming before the 360.

Since buying a 360 I have been looking into ways of utilising data from XBOX LIVE (similar to how this site does) and have nearly finished a Windows Live Messenger Plus script that displays your gamertag, gamerscore and last played game in your Personal Message.

I have also been doing some Web Development work in order to use the same data for different purposes such as comparing achievements and a fully fledged site where people can discuss each achievement however the wish. (That was before I found this place though which pretty much already does the same thing)

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 10 September 08 at 01:21
Hey I'm HyperComboXZ. I'm 20, currently in college, and I live in New York. I have been gaming since 1992 and my first console was a Sega Genesis. I own all three current-gen consoles. I guess thats it. headspin
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