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Posted on 13 September 18 at 12:11
GSCRS 5th Group said:
Im 5th or formerly Grimm, just recently changed my gamertag. Im former Army Cav whos also working on my reenlistment. I've played videogames for quite a while, I actually stumbled across TA on a google search for the secret achievements on " Layers of Fear" Great game that is btw , I'm open to meeting new people as it's honestly something I really enjoy. Good luck on your games.
Thank you for your service. I really enjoyed Layers of Fear too. I picked it up for free when it was GWG so I went ahead and bought the DLC for it, which was great too. Pick it up if you get a chance.

Jet Klaatu said:
Been playing an Xbox since the original game out and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I also play a PS4 and PC for those exclusives.
I bought my PS4 for exclusives too but mostly use it for Netflix and Hulu. I really just don't like how the controller fits in my hands. Maybe I'm just used to the Xbox controller.
Don't bro me if you don't know me.
Posted on 04 November 18 at 10:23
Hi all wave I'm julie. I play on Xbox one s and mostly you'll find me bombing around in the forza horizon games. Ive just bought forza motorsport 7 so any help with that would be great. My gamertag is jewlz1k so please come and say hi, add me or let's just play!
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Marshal Chisolm
Posted on 28 November 18 at 13:20
Greetings TA.

I’m newish to the site and after awhile of lurking I decide to join the achievement hunting ranks. I love completing games so I curious to see how high I can keep my completion percentage. I’m 29 and from Ohio. Feel free to add me here and on Xbox Live.
~Marshall Chisolm
Posted on 27 December 18 at 11:59
Hello i just joined true achievements after a few years of coming here after reading game guides and joined because i find this the most upto date xbox site on the internet and a fantastic resource.

I am from the south of England just outside of london and have been gaming all my life from zx spectrum to xbox one. I used to own a xbox 360 but sold it and have been gaming on ps4 for many years but after missing gears of war and halo and lots of xbox exclusive games i got an xbox one s model in the black friday sales.

I must say the xbox one s is truly an amazing build with a big fan and lots of air holes and the xbox one controller is the best controller ever it handles so well.

Anyway it's great to meet everyone. Hexalina x
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