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Introduce Yourself

  • KyoutoReeKyoutoRee57,000
    Posted on 22 May 20 at 00:56Permalink
    Hi! I'm Kyouto.

    My spouse and I have played games for years (them moreso than me), but we're both pretty casual, private gamers who prefer single-player games so I've never had a reason to make an account here.

    That all changed when I played the remastered version of a game I really liked and couldn't find a WT anywhere when I got stuck! So I've decided to 'curate' one myself. I'll see you in the Volunteer thread sometime soon!
  • LaVolpe28LaVolpe28141,761
    Posted on 22 May 20 at 03:45Permalink

    I joined back in February and forgot to do this. Lol I’ve been playing since the early to mid 80s. My favorite genres are RPGs and Action/Adventure. I only recently got an XBox One, so you’ll see me popping achievements on games that most people have completed by now such as Witcher 3, RDR2, etc. i have an absolutely insane backlog that I need to get to at some point. And it keeps getting bigger. Lol

    Anyway, happy to be a part of the community. And I appreciate all the people that work on the walkthroughs. Thanks.
    Recquiescat in pace.
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