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Stuck on Episode 5 - Dark Territory

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    Posted on 01 March 13 at 06:00
    Hello. I've been trying to do this ending to the episode for about an hour now and I can't get past it. I've googled multiple walkthroughs and I'm not getting anywhere. My first couple tries I thought I got to the exit flag but I couldn't remember where it was so eventually the smoke gets me and I start from scratch again.

    I followed a guys little snippet about getting through in under a minute but I go into a Banyan tree and wait for the smoke to leave, I come out to be confused on what direction to go and the smoke seems to come back instantly and ground pound in front of me. I either die by trying to run to another tree that I see (probably wrong direction) or the smoke kills me again.

    This is what someone said over on x360a and I can get to the first banyan tree he's talking about but then I get lost and it goes down hill from there.

    ""On the return journey. Walk with your dynamite to the right straight away, you should see the Dharma Van, curve left-ways until you see some Banyan trees. Head for these, the Black Smoke should see you as you get close, so hide in these.

    The next set are straight on, exit the banyan trees and keep going in the direction you were going before hiding. (You can also look for them, they're the closest set).

    When you reach these, turn left and you should see the Exit Flag, walk up and select the next area. (you can also hide first to be safe)

    You can go through whole forest in 1min. Took me 7 goes to map this out.
    hope it helps""

    Can someone direct me on how to avoid the smoke and where to go? I don't think the smoke is suppose to appear instantly back once I leave the tree unless I'm doing it too early or waiting way too long.
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    I realise this is an old thread, but I'll reply because I made it through this section last night and I can see how it might cause others trouble.

    The key to this section is to interact with the flags. If you 'activate' them by pressing A the game will show you which direction the next flag is in. You then need to memorise what that direction looks like ("up the hill along the path", "towards the tree with the coconut under it" etc) and head towards it when it's safe.

    As for the black smoke, the key is to listen rather than look for it. When you're hiding in a banyan tree, only come out when you can't hear the smoke at all. When you're outside a tree, if you hear the smoke then immediately hide. You'll have to travel from banyan to flag to banyan but as long as you don't try to skip any hiding spots you should never have any trouble.

    PS. The very start of the level is possibly the hardest part. The smoke turns up quickly and you don't really have any idea which way to travel when you first appear. If you haven't even found the first flag, head left immediately after appearing and you'll see a banyan tree to hide in. You can see the first flag from inside that tree.
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