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    Posted on 28 November 12 at 19:34
    Please use this thread to discuss the Sonic the Fighters walkthrough
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  • FFX BrotherhoodFFX Brotherhood1,449,464
    Posted on 29 November 12 at 19:17
    Probably the quickest Walkthrough to ever be completed, but still it looks pretty good as a walkthrough.
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  • Posted on 29 November 12 at 22:30
    This walkthrough was challenging... I had to thing up words to make it not look empty. I could have honestly wrote one paragraph and everyone would be able to understand how to 400G off that.
  • DakotaThriceDakotaThrice341,408
    Posted on 29 November 12 at 22:48
    My status about sums it up
  • Posted on 29 November 12 at 23:54
    DakotaThrice said:
    My status about sums it up
  • BeanpotterBeanpotter1,732,404
    Posted on 30 November 12 at 20:17
    Shockingly easy but still nice to have a walkthrough. Thanks!
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  • Posted on 02 December 12 at 00:01
    If anyone feels this needs more "meat" added to it I'll gladly provide more information... I just don't think it's needed for me to go into fighting details as nobody will use that info because nobody is gonna play it that long.
  • Posted on 18 July 17 at 16:20, Edited on 18 July 17 at 16:49 by IronInvoker47
    The walkthrough has been considered below standards so I'll be fixing it up. I'll be adding a preview link to this comment so you can still access the walkthrough in whichever state it's in, but I'll likely be done with improving it within the next two days.

  • Stevo6483Stevo6483321,308
    Posted on 19 July 17 at 19:12
    lol, was nothing wrong with it. there's little more to this game other than "mash A" laugh
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  • Posted on 19 July 17 at 19:14
    Well the WT overseers and managers decided it could be improved upon, so that's why I'm here.
  • Posted on 20 July 17 at 01:04
    The walkthrough has been sent in for review. I know it's a half-hour game, but the WT still needed improvement. I hope these changes are a big improvement and the whole thing looks cleaner to you.
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