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Need to know if i should just start on hard

Posted on 03 March 11 at 03:26
Okay so im reading through these achievements and they majority seem to have to do with the S ... Gate and i just beat the game on Normal should i just not worry about though achievements and beat the game on hard and then get them so i could also get Cherubic Gatekeeper so basicly would it be a better spent time just to beat it on hard and then worry about the S... Gate (dont remember the first parts name )redface
TJ The Awesome
Posted on 03 March 11 at 03:44
You can skip the seraphic gate on normal if you want. The enemies will be a little bit tougher on hard, but not to the point of being frustrating so going for the compulsive achievement wouldn't be too bad.
Posted on 04 March 11 at 03:47
Personally I would start on normal just because the mechanics are pretty different however if you feel confident enough I'm sure you could start on the harder difficulty...
Ellusion no
Ellusion no
Posted on 07 March 11 at 09:25
What I did, and what I think works is running through on normal grabbing all the story achievements, skipping through, then hardcore grabbing any stray achievements. "Save" your Hardcore endgame save. Then start on Infinity Mode. If you aim to 100% it, you will have to do this either way, so brace yourself for the insanely hard beginnings. Once you're through the prison and woods it's more or less smooth sailing from from there on.

Use the Infinity playthrough to net Compulsive, all the crafting stuff, Filthy Rich, Big Daddy's Back and finally beating the Infinity Queen on Infinity Mode for one whole point of GS. At this point, you should have everything but beating Infinity Queen on Hardcore - that's what you saved the Hardcore endgame save for. Now you can breeze through, as you're practically a master player having beaten it on Infinity.
Majestik Moose1
Posted on 07 March 11 at 16:59
Start a new game on Hard and just rush through to the end. Play the Seraphic gate and kill the Infinity Queen.
Start a new game on Infinity and collect all items for Compusive, craft everything, and then kill the Infinity Queen.

Although you can do these in either order make sure you save collecting all the items and crafting everything for the Infinity mode playthrough. You will need the strong weapons and armour they give to stand a chance in Seraphic Gate on Infinity mode. As previously said to 100% this game you will need to do both.
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