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Rate the last movie you saw

Posted on 09 August 19 at 19:44, Edited on 09 August 19 at 19:44 by Shinnizle
Point Blank [6.5/10]
It was short and relatively straight to the point. Nothing complicated, with a very easy and predictable storyline. Perfect movie to turn your brain off and just enjoy after a bad day at work.
Broke is a state of wallet. Poverty is a state of mind.
Posted on 11 August 19 at 13:05
Nomis (2018)


Excpected more from Henry Cavill and Alexandra Daddario in this. Guess it was the director's fault.
"A person's life is not defined by age, but by the choices they make." - Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)
Posted on 12 August 19 at 23:07


While we were out here fumbling around with the music, the lousy bastard was in there KILLING HER! BASTARD! BASTARD! BASTARD!

That is some of the greatest dialogue ever written.
Posted on 18 August 19 at 13:02
47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)

Girls screaming, made me...

...wish they all getting eating by the shark at the end of the movie. I mean, they've been screaming outside the water, while in the water, under the water, while wearing dive mask, in the cave, outside the cave and they also scream multiple times in SLOW-FREAKING-MOTION...

If you have an affinity of girls non-stop screaming and whining in a film then watch it. I couldn't even relate to any of female cast nor did I find them attractive to watch, like this even matters in a decent shark movie...

2/10 for this movie but only because of the blind great white shark, a blind one yes. CinemaSins be like "Ha ha ha ha ha...aaah ha ha ha ha ha ha!".

Personally I prefer the first movie, although I only gave it a 5/10. Want my advice? Skip this one and rather watch "The Shallows (2016)" and have a better 80 minutes of entertainment with Blake Lively!

Final verdict: The shark survived!
"A person's life is not defined by age, but by the choices they make." - Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)
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