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Posted on 09 July 09 at 18:03, Edited on 28 February 11 at 11:12 by Hoffman
Welcome to the Gaming Help Forum!

So what is this all about and why is it here?

Firstly, the community and forums here at TrueAchievements are growing exponentially every day. It's come to our attention that our forums are somewhat scattered, based on the shear amount of boards in existence. We want our forums to thrive in all areas, and specifically, we want your gaming questions to be answered instantaneously when you post them. Currently, it often takes some time for your questions to be answered when you post them in the individual game forums. So we've come up with a way that will hopefully remedy this!

This forum is designed to streamline your needs by giving you the help for a game at lightning speed. By taking advantage of our growing community and making this forum visible in a more centralized area - we hope to do just that.

This forum is here for you to ask questions about ANY game. Whether you are stuck on Gears of War 2 and need advice getting past a certain chapter on Insane, or want to know where you can find a trustworthy map of the diamond locations in Far Cry 2, it matters not. Post it here and your questions will be swiftly embraced by our wonderful community here at TA.

Once your question is fully answered, the thread will be moved to the respective game discussion forum.

There are just a few important guidelines to follow though, so please read before proceeding to use this board:

Xbox 360/PC/WP7 Game questions only. This can be a wide variety of things, but please make sure your post is relevant to this forum. Again, this forum is designed to help you get through that game giving you trouble, or answer any questions you may have towards a specific game.

Search first - - This forum may appear disorganized to you at first glance, but know that our mods are working around the clock to archive questions that have been answered completely into their respective game forum. Please perform a quick keyword search before posting.

Include the Title of the Game in your post - In the event that your post is not titled where we can identify it appropriately, a mod will most likely edit it for you. Please refrain from doing this though. We want to keep this as organized as we can, and archive your question so that others can benefit from it later.

Good: Gears 2 - Chapter 3 Help

Respect your fellow TA'er - When someone answers your question, they are doing you a favor! If it's not what you were looking for, be courteous and respectful and continue the discussion in a mature manner. The same goes for the lovely people giving help to others. Do not belittle or laugh at those who need help. Any negative or rude behaviour towards other members here will be taken very seriously by our mods.

Do not ask for boosting partners -This is not the place to ask for people to help you get X achievement. If you need people to play with, please use Gaming Sessions to search for online sessions, and if there are none that suit your needs, feel free to use this link: to create your own session for others to join. If you still feel the need to create a thread asking to boost, your thread will be moved to the boosting and matchmaking forum, where it will probably be lost forever.

Obviously, the Site Rules still applies here, so be wary of that as well.

So, with all that said... Please enjoy yourselves here, and a special thanks from the TA Staff to all who take time to help others!
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