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Information Posted on 06 April 09 at 17:20
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Misha LinGhan
Misha LinGhan
Posted on 06 April 09 at 18:11
Anyone may join this board. I will make a a more detailed post about what specific things qualify or disqualify for the board shortly. I will form a team to deal with the removals so it will be fair, but the final decision is mine. If I feel there is doubt then the person will not be removed.

If someone is on this board that you feel should be removed please send me a private message so they may be reviewed. I don't expect to be removing a lot of people.

If you know there is something on your profile that may cause another person to point you out, please warn me ahead of time with a brief explanation.

Play your games, enjoy yourself, feel free to step on the guys head above you and claw your way to the top. I certainly will :P
Posted on 06 April 09 at 19:05
I joined but I'm not in the leaderboard. :s
Misha LinGhan
Misha LinGhan
Posted on 07 April 09 at 21:43
That's strange :( I added you also but it said you were a member already. I'll take care of it.
Posted on 08 April 09 at 02:30
I checked again about 5 minutes after I posted that and I was on the leaderboard then, so no worries.
Paragon x Sloth
Posted on 30 June 09 at 02:39
My names Shawn, and i have a problem... i spend way too much time doing things besides gaming... like... going to work... sleeping... personal hygiene... i'm so ashamed! TT_TT
Posted on 22 September 09 at 03:10
I'm Kevin, and I'm a US Marine stationed over in Okinawa. Play a little bit of everything.
Da Mitch Man 90
Posted on 29 September 10 at 23:18
hi my names dan and if i had my way i wud be getting achievements 24/7
Posted on 11 March 11 at 19:23
Hi, I'm Nadzy, I love getting achievements and now I've started/ tried to 100% games.
My made is Nadzy, but you can call me......Nadzy cos' that is my name.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 10 April 11 at 02:24
Posted on 12 April 11 at 14:03
S1L3NTxSH0T said:
Lol, probably one of the worst introduction ever, no offence.
If you support Liverpool....add me!
aka Kryptonian
Posted on 04 May 11 at 18:55, Edited on 04 May 11 at 18:56 by aka Kryptonian
I'm Isiah, a completionist who plays too much Halo and CoD to actually obtain a respectable gamerscore. My original goal when I started was to get 100K with 100% completion, hope I make it.
Posted on 26 March 15 at 14:25, Edited on 26 March 15 at 14:27 by Chachi179
I love 100% games, When I love the game. I've tried getting all the cheevos for games I dislike (sniper elite 3, thief) but it ain't happening. I don't mind because I don't want to sacrifice my fun and put achievements over enjoying a game.
Posted on 15 September 16 at 01:15
*cough* Ignore the CoD: WaW 0 gamerscore achievements that I got just from being put in a game *cough*
Yellows OUFC
Yellows OUFC
Posted on 15 August 17 at 00:19
I'm Chris (that's my real name btw). I love achievement hunting, and trying to 100% all of my games as best I can. I thougherly love football games and racing games. GTA 5 I tend to play a lot of at the present. Not a huge fan of FPS games, but the new Call Of Duty WWII looks very appealing to me.
Posted on 29 January 18 at 22:13
I'm Mateusz (one of the Polish names). I'm not completing every game, as I get them. My completion percentage is so low, because I can't now get WP and Win 10 achievements. My favorite games on X360 are: GTA V, racing games (in general), shooters.
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