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Online Achievement Boosting

Posted on 05 October 11 at 06:21
I need those 2 too :P let me know plz if any1 wants to boost them :)
Posted on 23 October 11 at 04:08
I'm planning to make a session for those but if someone messages me I'm up for boosting it
Posted on 15 December 11 at 18:52
I need both online achievements, have a few already in quaff. set session and invite!
Claptrap NL
Claptrap NL
Posted on 11 November 14 at 20:57
People still boosting this? Saw 1 session (I was able to join) this month.
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Hooch Lee
Hooch Lee
Posted on 31 December 14 at 16:45
I would like to boost as well. European Timezone and no headset :)
Posted on 19 February 15 at 04:17
I just started this game and am interested in collaborating with some TA folks for achievements. Hit me up if you're interested! toast
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Grift3r X
Grift3r X
Posted on 19 February 15 at 20:56
I'm looking to boost these as well. Eastern timezone, evenings work best for me. :-)
Posted on 21 June 15 at 12:26
I still need all the online achievements as well, available most of the afternoons european time, just send me a message.
Supernova Bliss
Posted on 23 June 15 at 07:40
If anyone needs to grind out the arena cheevo just let me know. I can help with others, but that is the only one I need.
Claptrap NL
Claptrap NL
Posted on 23 June 15 at 09:57
I still need 6 wins in the All You Can Quaff and both the 4-player related achievements.
It's me!
Posted on 13 July 15 at 01:21
I also need the online achievements so if anyone still needs these add me and we can grind them together :)
Posted on 16 September 15 at 03:25
I need both the arena wins and the all you can quaff achievements. Message me if you'd like to boost a few matches. I'll try to message some folks who posted recently to see if they want to boost, as well. Thanks all!
Prime Time Bio
Posted on 23 October 15 at 19:27
I need both the Arena wins and All You Can Quaff as well. Shoot me a message on here and we can organize a time to knock these out.
Posted on 29 November 15 at 19:51
please add me formedic
"French achievements hunter"
Posted on 04 February 16 at 12:59
just need arena wins. send me a message on here or xbox live to help
Posted on 09 April 16 at 07:03
Currently looking to finish these achievements hopefully soonish anyone still looking to boost message me on xbox and ill get ba k to you as soon as possible to make time arrangements
Firelink Knight
Posted on 16 April 16 at 22:55, Edited on 16 April 16 at 23:19 by Firelink Knight
I need Glork and Medic!
Message if anyone wants to finish these.
Crank Scope
Crank Scope
Posted on 05 July 16 at 12:38
Looking for someone to boost arena matches GT:: Crank Scope
Posted on 27 February 17 at 12:08
Looking forward to do the 4 player achievement "Medic " and have one other person.
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Lord Dracus
Lord Dracus
Posted on 17 March 18 at 04:59
If people still need help with these I'm able, just hmu.

GT: Lord Dracus
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