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Bulletstorm - Anrachy mode Lost XP

Posted on 06 March 11 at 08:45
I have just logged onto Anrachy mode in Bulletstorm having left it a couple of days ago with my xp on its way to level 50. when i logged on it came up with the message saying that i had the bonus XP from buying the epic edition and my level had been reset to level 5. All of my high scores are still there and my echos scores are untouched. has anyone else out there had this problem and is it worth starting all over again to get to that level 65 cheevo?
Aeris Gainzbrah
Posted on 06 March 11 at 10:55
Shit dude, that sucks! Level 50? Ouch.

I got the standard edition, so hopefully I'm safe!

To be honest though, if you have a few friends to play with then I don't think the Anarchy grind is that bad! -
Posted on 06 March 11 at 12:09
ive just realised looking back at this post i should really learn to type anarchy not anrachy LOL
Aeris Gainzbrah
Posted on 06 March 11 at 13:16
I'll be honest, I didn't even notice! laugh -
Posted on 06 March 11 at 13:56
I DID!! :)
Don't shoot what you can't kill
x The Horrorist
Posted on 07 March 11 at 00:50
shit man bad stats are ok...
Posted on 07 March 11 at 01:47
i will boost with you if you want. We can get the 50000 chievo too.
Posted on 07 March 11 at 19:48
yeah it happened to me more than once. just back out and reload multiplayer. your level should be back to normal. don't know if your level will still be there if you played a game after your rank was reset though :(
Follies of Man
Posted on 08 March 11 at 11:54
Had the same issue, went into multiplayer and was back at level 5 but once I started searching for a match it went back to my normal rank.
Posted on 17 April 11 at 19:09
I had this happen to me as well...level 59 and then BAM! back to 5. I called EA and they said they are aware of the issue. They even gave me a $20 coupon at the EA store, so I'm thinking of buying Crysis 2 for less than $40. The guy I spoke to said as long as your stats are being kept, then they should be able to reset. No ETA though, and I've been building my level back the time they fix it, I'll have earned 65 twice.
Lc Moog
Posted on 06 May 11 at 17:19
I had this happen to me earlier when I was at level 62. I then turned my xbox off, due to rage and hope, and back on again and my original rank had been restored.
Im Sander Cohen
Posted on 10 July 11 at 07:59
same thing happened to me, got my level back and my echo scores remain but I can't play the echoes that need unlocking cos it says i've not earned the stars even tho I can see my 3 stars on each leaderboard. weird
Agent Cobra 7
Agent Cobra 7
Posted on 16 August 13 at 17:28
It happen to me as well. I was level 49 and it went down to level 5, and I lost my campaign and echo data. Once I restarted my xbox, my rank was back at 49, but my campaign and echo data was still lost.
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