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Posted on 18 December 15 at 17:12
Got my 2600 in 1979 and have been gaming ever since. I'm a recent Xbox convert after finally giving up on Nintendo after the last E3. Any other 40+ gamers on here?
Grake 77
Grake 77
Posted on 16 February 16 at 21:53
Hi I`m 38 and I have been gaming since the Commodore Vic 20 (early 80`s computer) looking for some TA friends of a similar age, add me on here and/or send me a message on 360 (not upgraded to Xbox One because the wife would castrate me for dropping a mortgage payment on a new console - although technically she can only do it once).
Posted on 28 April 16 at 14:44
Gaming since Phantasy Star and Alex the Kidd on the Master System, playing on my 2 week old Xbox One now
Posted on 30 May 16 at 14:24
All these posts here make me feel a bit better about myself. Turns out I'm not that old. I just turned 30 in Jan 2016. I had my first GameBoy when I was 4, first PS (donated by my father's colleague) at 12, and bought my 360 using my own money at 24 after I found my first and current job.

I'm kind of between hardcore and casual gamer. I have OCD when it comes to gaming (perfect stats, all collectibles), but I don't force myself to play games I don't like just to push my gamerscore up.
Posted on 23 July 16 at 05:18
I'm a 42 yr gamer had an orignal pong, 2600, nes and so on. I miss those classics. I have a little ocd but I can accept not finish a game if I must. If you need help and I have the game let me know.
Sjanna Banana
Sjanna Banana
Posted on 24 July 16 at 16:46
Hey! I'm a 32 years 'old' gamer. I started with this gamertag on X1 a little under a year ago, but I am a gamer since I was a little girl. Feel free to add me here or on xbox live. See you!
Samuel Skinner
Posted on 28 July 16 at 14:35
35 in a few weeks..

My life was a roller coaster, moving from 3 diferent states in the past 2 years. Once lived with my girlfriend (not very supportive in my videogames) then we break up. then I get a new girlfriend, married, divorced in one year.

MD, MS. (looking for my PhD)

Too many games, not enough time.
But at least I finally have the peace

Greetings from Mexico
Posted on 02 August 16 at 20:49
46 year old female from Norway. 5 children. Have been gaming since the 80´s.
Posted on 05 August 16 at 04:30, Edited on 05 August 16 at 04:32 by AbyssalOrc33
37 here.
I've been playing since the Atari 2600 but I feel like I didn't get good at games until I owned a SNES. Since owning a Xbox 360 I feel like I try harder modes then I did when I was younger.
Albtraum Puppe
Posted on 10 September 16 at 21:07
31 almost 32 here. I've been gaming since 2 though, started with Nintendo(not quite old enough for Atari), then went to PS at around 13, went to Xbox at 21 after I got to my duty station in Hawaii, haven't looked back since. Just got out of the Navy, while not going to interviews for a new job, I'm gaming.
I ManuBad iT I
Posted on 23 September 16 at 09:49
My name is Emanuele aka cioflix for friends. I've 41 years old redface I live in Monza, Lombardia, Italy. I'm married [i love you Babry] and i have a couple of cats shock (IsiPillo and Black Fury).

I'm crazy for statistics, [not only in the games]. I like to play Point & Click Adventure | RPG's | RTS | MMO and Sport games.
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Fan of: Tampa Bay Buccaneers clap

That's all folks.
sayonara wave

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Ace Southpaw 32
Posted on 16 December 16 at 00:31
My name is Jim. I just turned 30 about a week ago and still trying to cope with it. I've been a game for as long as I can remember - likely since 1989 or so when my family got our NES. I've recently started getting back into achievement hunting after a long break, and so I'm looking for good boosting games and people to get them with!
xLil SheWolfx
xLil SheWolfx
Posted on 09 May 17 at 23:37
Hi my name is Laura, I officially turned 30 today!!!!! I don't feel it though smile
Gaming 4 Life
builder dirge
builder dirge
Posted on 27 September 17 at 14:55
Been in here a while now and not said much in any forum... I'm Rob from Wales, been gaming since around 1984/85 ish when I got given an Amstrad CPC 464. Hooked ever since. Started the [builder] clan back in the old old Counter Strike days and always had lower case letter as we felt lower case went better with the [&] brackets! :D
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Posted on 21 October 17 at 21:50
Hi I'm Kev, 32 year old gamer wave
I really only been into achievements for the last year as I got slightly bored with general gaming and needed to do something different to make them more interesting.
Achievements have really made me enjoy gaming a lot more and I wouldn't game if I wasn't trying to go for some and work towards completing games.
I play a variety of games, Fifa racing games etc..
I'm really looking forward to NFS Payback and wanting to give this new Ashes cricket game a go once released.
If anyone wants to add me as a friend on here that would be great as I only have one added on here at minute :(
Cheers toast
Posted on 10 January 18 at 03:02
I've been here for awhile now but never thought about introducing myself!

Got my first video game console in 2009 when my then boyfriend introduced me to video games. Before that I had only played some computer games. I was 28. Fell in love with the Xbox 360 and eventually got the One.

I love RPG, adventure, shooter and puzzle games and can't drive worth a damn in games.

Still playing catch up with all the great games that are released every year!
Posted on 08 March 18 at 08:41
Hi there,

I'm Sebastian, a 32 nearly 33 year old gamer living in the near of Cham (Upper Palatinate), Bavaria.
With the Nintendo GameBoy and the Nintendo Entertainment System I collected my very first experiences with gaming. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo N64, first Playstation, Playstation 3, XBox 360, XBox One and now the XBox One X followed.
My favourite types of games are Arcade-Racers, Adventures, Shooter like PUBG and RPGs.

Besides gaming I go for treasure hunting called Geocaching, take pictures with my Olympus O-MD E-M1 mirrorless camera and love to drive to various car meetings like the Wörthersee or similar events.
Posted on 01 September 18 at 13:50
Hey I'm Minx (only my mum uses my real name lol) I'm 31 and i've been a gamer my whole life started with my mums atari and graduated to a NES when very young. Started with xbox on release of fable 2. Being disabled i'm left being unable to do much so I just game. So to keep from going crazy I work towards achievements.
I play lots of different types of games but RPGS and puzzlers are my favs.
The only other thing I do is watch football when I can. (it gets me out of the flat at least)
Posted on 27 December 18 at 06:11
Hi, I'm 36, Brazilian, married and mother to a little boy. I'm also a sommelière and own a wine store. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember, starting with pac-man on my parents' atari. Then they gave me a Master System, which got me addicted to Alex Kidd, then Sega Genesis, which got me into MK - one of my favorite games series to this day. Later I got a PS, PS2, and finally an Xbox 360. Mass Effect, GoW and Achievement Hunting kept me hooked and I never went back to PS. My free time to game is pretty scarce nowadays though, with the store and the kid. I'm usually on late at night or really early in the morning.
Posted on 08 July 19 at 22:16
Is there a 40+ group for an old gamer that can't quit?
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