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Deal of the Week: August 6th, 2013

  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead679,833
    Posted on 07 August 13 at 23:47
    Probably the best link to check so that you don't miss any deals (like the Mass Effect Omega DLC) is

    For example yesterday Forza Horizon, Halo Wars, Judgment, Kinect Training, WRC Powerslide and Team X all had a price drop. This price drop may be permanent or part of a sale.
  • Skanker irlSkanker irl945,605
    Posted on 08 August 13 at 05:26
    Shouldn't this information also be posted in the Xbox Sales hub? Not nitpicking, I have just recently been going there to see sales and noticed that these were not on there.

    Btw, thanks for that link HolyHa1fDead.
    No mercy.
  • Gordon LeaGordon Lea257,706
    Posted on 08 August 13 at 22:02
    I had a free trial for a games rental service a few years ago and started playing Wolverine and Shattered Dimensions. I was hoping they would be around £5 so I could finish off the achievements but £11.99 each is too much.
  • KanjiKokaKanjiKoka313,330
    Posted on 09 August 13 at 00:49
    Digg2000 said:
    This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson.
    I know what you did there.
    Job & A Social Life, achievements most gamers refuse to earn...therefore, their ratios are high.
  • ZymoticZymotic917,711
    Posted on 13 August 13 at 00:41
    XMen Origins Wolverine is an excellent game to just jump into and enjoy. If you're an achievement whore there's nothing you really have to do aside from completing the game and leveling up. A must play for anyone who loves XMen.
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