Game Discussion: CSI: Hard Evidence

Is This Game Good For Gamerscore?

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 11 January 13 at 00:32
    CSI : Hard Evidence Was Thinking off Getting It?
  • SpilnerSpilner799,055
    Posted on 11 January 13 at 01:20
    Use a walkthrough and its as simple as reading and clicking, takes a couple hours. Ratio gives a hint
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  • Posted on 11 January 13 at 02:33
    I actually started getting into the story line and stopped using walkthroughs after the first case. If you like CSI, and you don't hate point/click games (I do); you'll enjoy the story line for it.

    Everyone says to skip dialog and use a walkthrough but I think it's SO boring that way. As for easy gamerscore, it's one of the top 5 easiest.
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  • Das KuhnenDas Kuhnen631,959
    Posted on 11 January 13 at 17:58
    I played them as ROB suggested, but I'm also a fan of point and click games. They will take you in the 8-12 hour range to get all 1000 points if using the guide and not skipping dialogue.
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  • Mephisto4thewinMephisto4thewin1,820,205
    Posted on 11 January 13 at 22:06
    Not sure about top 5 easiest but it is very easy.
  • Posted on 12 January 13 at 04:01
    The CSI, NCIS, and Sherlock Holmes are all easy gamer score. At most it shouldn't take you more then 6 hours to 1k any of them.
  • Posted on 12 January 13 at 12:54
    You' il have the time of your life !! roll
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