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  • Posted on 29 July 13 at 09:10
    Please use this thread to discuss the SpongeBob's Truth or Square walkthrough
  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth203,767
    Posted on 31 July 13 at 12:40
    Theo Boots said:
    At the first page the pictures are missing. shock
    You'll notice that this is true of all of the walkthroughs at the moment.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 31 July 13 at 17:13, Edited on 31 July 13 at 17:16 by
    Theo Boots said:
    nstances of tike like "Tiki challenges" and "stone tikis". It would be nice to choose ONE way of writing. My suggestion is to use "T" because that's how it is written in the achievement description of
    SpongeBob's Truth or SquareLast Sponge StandingThe Last Sponge Standing achievement in SpongeBob's Truth or Square worth 44 pointsSurvive all 7 Task Tiki Combat Challenges against the robot cretins.
    The Tiki Challenges are capitalised because that is how they are in the game, named features of the game. The enemies do not need to be capitalised however. If the enemies were different types of frogs, you wouldn't type 'stone Frogs' because the word 'frogs' is not a proper noun.

    I'll look for any inconsistencies with 'tiki challenges' and 'Tiki Challenges' though. edit: I missed one, dammit! Close but no cigar :P

    The name of the character is Mr. Krabs. Note how his name ends with the letter "s".
    My suggestion would be to write " Mr. Krabs' " just like in the achievement description
    SpongeBob's Truth or SquareWet PaintersThe Wet Painters achievement in SpongeBob's Truth or Square worth 14 pointsFind Mr. Krabs' 1st Dollar.

    Thank you, I spent forever trying to remember this last night, I thought the misspelling was "Mr. Crabs" which explains why I couldn't find it. Fixed.

    Now before entering the red dojo, head to the left to find the last collectible (3/3) and to unlock the following achievement. Either finish or quit the level now.
    No, this is fine. Example:

    "John went to the shop to stretch his legs and to buy some milk."

    Today, we're actually lazy when writing and cut out some conjunctions as the sentence would read perfectly fine without them:

    "John went to the shop to stretch his legs and buy some milk."

    To me, that sounds incorrect because they are two very different actions and should be determined in such a way.

    Thanks Theo. wave
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 31 July 13 at 20:06, Edited on 31 July 13 at 20:11 by
    Theo Boots said:
    What is wrong with the quoting today.
    I'm not saying you did it on purpose but that first quote is incomplete. I noticed it in other threads as well. Could it be something related to the website?

    Anyway, you probably didn't have to look very hard for tiki challenges and Tiki challenges because I pointed it out with a quote. (which is sadly missing from your post)

    You are probably right about the story with the frogs and the proper noun.
    However Stone Tikis are a named feature in the game. For proof look at this achievement:
    SpongeBob's Truth or SquareLivin' Like LarryThe Livin' Like Larry achievement in SpongeBob's Truth or Square worth 29 pointsBreak 150 Squidward Stone Tikis.

    I don't know what should weigh the most. Either the proper noun or the named feature.
    This is the reason for having a discussion forum I guess. We can discuss these issues and make each other understand the different views. Right? wink
    Let me know which solution you decide on.

    You are right about the "and to". Since you are so knowledgeable about this let me ask you a related question.
    Often I will see this "and to" in walkthroughs. For some reason the author will replace the "and" with a comma.
    When this happens my spellchecker will suggest "and" instead of the comma.
    I never reported this because the sentences were still readable.
    What are your thoughts on this?
    Hey Theo,

    I suck at trying to work out the quotes thing, forgive me it was my fault.

    I'm not sure if the developers have capitalised every word in the achievements' descriptions the way you would with a title as opposed to a descriptive sentence, but I can go through and find all instances and correct them to stay consistent with the achievement descriptions for you. Will take me a little while. All done - personally doesn't feel right capitalising 'tiki' but hey, at least now it's consistent.

    There are a lot of instances in the English language where commas can be right or wrong; it really depends what context you are talking about. If you PM with some examples of what you're talking about, I can explain the best I can. I love English and enjoy helping people out, so feel free to message me any time. smile
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