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Posted on 17 April 09 at 19:44
Seriously am I the only Sim City fan. I still play Sim City 4 on my computer. I would like a Sim City for the console that you can go online with. Your neighbors will be other people online. Unlike Sim City 4 though, I would like just one massive playing board like 3000 Unlimited instead of the multiple playing boards all separated. What do you all think?!clap
Zach Cooper FBI
Posted on 02 May 09 at 05:35
Man I really do love Sim City, I will probably reinstall Sim City 4 in the next couple days, see if it works with vista or just see how it runs on my new computer. I am excited about the sims 3 though as well.
Posted on 14 May 09 at 15:35
Haven't played SIm City since 2K way back when. I'll be trying out 4 over the next month, though, now that I have more time.
Posted on 11 October 09 at 06:08
I loved sc2000 and sc3000 was i believe the best. I had Sim city 4 and societies (both stolen) and was kind of disappointed with sc4 due to the other cities you needed to play or basically have no growth. Societies was fun but I believe lacking. I rather would play 3000 or even 2000 due to I liked streets of sim city where you can drive around your sc2000 cities.
Tasty Pastry
Tasty Pastry
Posted on 23 February 10 at 13:19
In middle school we actually did a Sim City project. We designed our city in the game and then we had to make a 3D model of it using styrofoam and what not. It was pretty sweet and fun. Oh back in the day.
Use one of the quotes from that thread
Posted on 19 March 10 at 15:54
I still play Sim City 4 all the time. It is a lot of fun but can get a little boring. I wouldn't mind seeing a Sim City come to consoles. I had SimCity 2000 on the PSone and it worked pretty good.
Posted on 23 April 10 at 14:16

Love em all
bring it back long over due
You Can Be Me When I'm Gone
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