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  • Posted on 12 January 13 at 16:16
    Please use this thread to discuss the Forza Horizon walkthrough
  • Posted on 22 January 13 at 22:54
    Has someone claimed this?
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  • drabikdrabik349,519
    Posted on 23 January 13 at 07:18, Edited on 26 January 13 at 12:44 by drabik
    I am writing this one myself. :)

    Single Player page, done. Multiplayer page, done. DLC, almost done.
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  • BeanpotterBeanpotter1,166,810
    Posted on 26 January 13 at 12:35
    I hope I get 'Walkthrough Contributor' credit! wink
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  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth205,412
  • MusquitoMusquito798,499
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