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    Posted on 12 July 11 at 16:40
    Please use this thread to discuss the Child of Eden walkthrough
  • Posted on 12 July 11 at 17:57
    Hey whats up :)

    I will be writing the CoE walkthrough, so feel free to chip in with any questions. Even if you are stuck on the game and need help with something specific, post in this thread or shoot me a PM.

  • AvataAvata324,336
    Posted on 12 July 11 at 21:24
    Excited to see this. Not an easy K by any stretch.
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  • CormacCormac499,347
    Posted on 13 July 11 at 03:05
    Good luck TEP.

    Even with a written or video guide it will still rely on a lot of practice and to a lesser extent skill/reactions. I only have three Hard Gold Stars left and I can't wait until it is done. I'm beginning to hate the game, so is my thumb.
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  • Posted on 18 July 11 at 13:07
    Well ive decided on how the guide is going to be structured so I thought id do a little update with progress. The guide for the archives will be written with achieving the gold star in mind, so if you are going for 800k or 100% on seperate runs then you can just take what you need from the guide.

    I would also like to stress that all I can do with this guide is provide the best way to go about grabbing the gold stars, I cannot provide an absolute foolproof way to accomplish this.

    As such, the guide is a compilation of annotations and tips about each section in each archive. That said I will still be going into a fair amount of detail, I have written up the Matrix guide which is around 1100 words.

    I aim to write up the Evolution and Beauty guide by the end of the week, so the guide should be finished in about 2 weeks if everything goes smoothly.

  • AvataAvata324,336
    Posted on 18 July 11 at 13:18
    Keep up the good work. It is appreciated :)
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  • drabikdrabik361,828
    Posted on 27 November 12 at 07:46
    Looking for a new owner. Some work done. Please post here, or send a message to either myself or Ergo Me Smart if interested.
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  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles1,089,776
    Posted on 29 July 13 at 17:54, Edited on 08 September 13 at 04:04 by Geoffistopheles
    So I never posted here that I took over... probably because I've been unintentionally sitting on it for months. Whoops.

    When I was going for gold stars myself, I was fortunate enough to record each run, save for Beauty Normal. That one just kinda happened on its own and inspired me to actually try. So I have nine videos I'm currently adding commentary to as a supplement to the guide. There will still be a text writeup as well for those who don't want to watch videos. Hope is the exception, as there is a minimalist walkthrough that details only what you need to shoot to survive in order to get the achievement, and my attempts at a text walkthrough just confused me upon re-reading.

    With that in mind, here's the status and what I need to do next. I'm hoping that by writing it somewhere, it'll motivate me to keep moving.

    Matrix: Text guide complete, commentary recorded. Add commentary to video and upload.
    Evolution: Text guide complete, commentary recorded. Add commentary to video and upload.
    Beauty: Complete.
    Passion: Commentary recorded. Write text guide, add commentary to video and upload.
    Journey: Commentary recorded. Write text guide, add commentary to video and upload.

    The big thing remaining now is to actually mix the videos together. Once that's done, the rest will go swimmingly. Unfortunately, I'm having a few problems with my video editing, and I won't be able to touch the guide for another two weeks. With a little luck, I'm hoping to have this ready for review by October.
  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles1,089,776
    Posted on 30 October 13 at 02:58, Edited on 31 October 13 at 18:14 by Geoffistopheles
    Hopefully this will be my last update before submitting this for review. The laptop I was using for video editing slowed to a crawl, so it was clear I wasn't getting work done there. I've got a workaround that's pumping out videos, so as long as I keep queueing everything up for mixing, this should be ready to go by the end of the week. My plan is to get all the videos created, then upload them all at once.

    Matrix: Upload to YouTube.
    Evolution: Upload to YouTube.
    Beauty: Complete.
    Passion: Upload to YouTube.
    Journey: Text guide complete, commentary recorded. Add commentary to video and upload.

    Looking good at the moment. Having it done today would be pushing it, mainly due to the extra length of Journey. If nothing else, I can start uploading the completed videos tonight.
  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles1,089,776
    Posted on 01 November 13 at 15:46
    Apparently I've been doing it wrong all this time! All videos are on Youtube, I'll add my links in the next hour or so. All that's left is to write the text guide for Passion and Journey, and for once, I'm on schedule; this should be submitted for review by Sunday.
  • Babs DiaBabs Dia193,461
    Posted on 01 November 13 at 16:12
    Good job guys. This game is so paintful
  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles1,089,776
    Posted on 10 November 13 at 12:24
    Guide is complete and submitted for review. Hopefully we'll see it up pretty soon. Thanks for patience!
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