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Need help getting a Quackberry before i blow my brains out

Posted on 17 April 13 at 07:51
Ok, so I've almost perfected this game, and I'm at the point where the only achievements I need dont require any specific Pinatas....

EXCEPT the Quackberry, who for some reason, hates my garden :( I have, no joke, stared at a field of stunted corn and bread for over 6 hours, and now I'm just gonna ask for help

if anybody has one they'd be able to send me, id love you :D if you wanted to trade for any other pinatas, I have most of the difficult ones, sans for the birds

I know this games old as shit, but I'm so close and it'll kill me if I don't 1K/1K it
Deadpool 1194
Posted on 18 April 13 at 22:21
Strange, all you need to get one is 4% water in the garden, one ear of corn in the garden and it to have eaten bread.
One weird thing I found is if you click on the pinata while it's visiting it will move towards whatever requirement it needs to eat. :) I'll be starting this on this profile tomorrow or the day after so if you still can't get one message me on XBL and I'll send you the first one I get :)
Posted on 20 April 13 at 00:01, Edited on 20 April 13 at 00:04 by CovetousCash64
The problem is that the corn doesn't stay ripe long enough to coincide with a quackberry visit. one tip i saw was to plant 4 corn plants really close together so that they delay each others' growth. Can't remember whether that worked for me or not.

Eith way, Send me a message on live and I'll post you a quackberry.

(After all, I almost blew my brains out too trying to get one so I know how you feel. smile
Darth Maul FTS
Posted on 22 January 14 at 13:33
Can you send me one please that would be awesome
Posted on 23 January 14 at 11:23
Sorry mate, I had to delete my save game to make space for Games with Gold :(
Posted on 26 January 14 at 22:01
Does anyone still need this?
Posted on 21 April 14 at 09:29
Send me a message if anyone needs help. I'll need to be sent the money to use the hunter though as I gave everything away years ago!
Blink 187
Blink 187
Posted on 06 January 16 at 00:38
Does anyone still have this game that would be able to send me a Quackberry?? Please help
Posted on 11 January 16 at 19:10
I don't think it's possible to send crates to friends anymore due to server closures? I tried a week ago and didn't get an error message or anything, but my friend never got the crate (pinata + coins) I sent.
Posted on 06 February 16 at 01:19
I had the same issue, but fixed it. Make a new garden. Make 4% pond, place corn. It showed up immediately. You can stunt the corns growth by planting 4 very close to each other.
Posted on 15 March 16 at 23:35
CovetousCash64 said:Sorry mate, I had to delete my save game to make space for Games with Gold :(Come on, that is not true. You can delete the game to save space but deleting a save file is pointless. They are tiny.
Divine Infect
Divine Infect
Posted on 18 May 16 at 06:47, Edited on 18 May 16 at 06:48 by Divine Infect
if anyone still plays this i am looking to trade for a quackberry
I unfortunately have no working mic at this time.
Posted on 18 May 16 at 11:11
Divine Infect said:if anyone still plays this i am looking to trade for a quackberryYou cannot trade in this game anymore. The feature was removed.
Pending Demise
Posted on 05 November 17 at 07:58, Edited on 07 November 17 at 16:29 by Pending Demise
Best advice I can give for anyone stumbling onto this in future is if you plant many corn seeds next to each other they will get to a point where growth will be prohibited. I myself used this method, I planted 4x corn in a small grid to attract a Quackberry plus having a loaf of bread at each corner of the pond and garden didn't hurt either.
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