Game Discussion: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force

Ajim & Guerlain Solutions?

  • Posted on 09 March 11 at 16:14, Edited on 09 March 11 at 16:15 by StarlightLotice
    This game problem is for Virtual On: Force

    I'm stuck on these guys (or gals?) on very easy mode as they just keep using those homing crystals on me, and my partner AI is not up to snuff.

    Tips to anyone who owns this game?
  • LeonThePlumLeonThePlum119,062
    Posted on 29 September 13 at 22:22
    one of the best ways to make virtual-on force alot easyer is by makeing a custom a.i and collecting disks and upgrade it to its highist pretental there your a.i will be alot of help for when fighting ajim and guerlain
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