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Red Bricks - Power Bricks. Help!

Posted on 09 March 11 at 18:39, Edited on 09 March 11 at 18:40 by LAFTA
I'll start from the top.

I started the game and put the stud multiplier codes in (after doing unbreakeable). When I went into extras to turn them on I noticed they had replaced some of the Power Brick numbers with these settings.

Looked around and found the codes to the rest of them and entered them. My % went up quite a bit. At about 9% after just doing the first level and codes. Done a few more missions thinking I had the blocks done. Then I go into level select to see 0/5 on the block section?

So I found the block on the first level and it unlocked 'fast grapple' which doesn't even appear in the extras. Up 0.2%.

Are these different blocks altogether or am I completely misunderstanding the whole thing? I'd rather just delete my save and restart without the codes than risk some sort of monumental cock up.

Posted on 09 March 11 at 21:47
LAFTA said:
So I found the block on the first level and it unlocked 'fast grapple' which doesn't even appear in the extras. Up 0.2%.
Ill start off with when it says unlocked, it means unlocked for purchase, you'll still need to buy it in the games shop.

2) I know the codes in lego indy unlocked the achievement BUT you still had to recollect them for the 100% so maybe its the same for this one.

Sorry can't be much more help. Games i own, want help on any PM me.
Posted on 29 May 11 at 03:42
Currently not all power bricks can be unlocked using codes. Power bricks (1 for each of the 30 levels of the game!) can unlock one OF two things: Suit Upgrades, or Extras. Using codes i believe unlocks and buys that certain upgrade/extra. Finding them the non-cheat way in the game just unlocks them, and then can be purchased within the shop in Arkham Asylum or the Batcave. Suit Upgrades are always ''on'', whilst Extra's need to be manually switched on in the pause menu.

Now that you have the gist of how power bricks work, I believe this is the explanation: Since there are not 30 codes for each power brick, I believe you have stumbled upon a Chapter which contains bricks you cannot cheat-code or you just haven't yet.

Get back to me by PM or this forum if this doesn't help.
X to Jason

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Posted on 22 March 12 at 17:30
The red bricks are found throughout all levels and so therefore if you've only just started it you may not see you have the ones you've unlocked by code till you get to the certain level that you would normally find it
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