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Xbox One Day One Game Picture

Beast Incarnate
Posted on 27 November 13 at 02:36
Currently the "Game" Xbox One with the Day One achievement has no game picture. Anyone opposed to giving it the same Xbox picture from the Microsoft Store preorder? If not any of the mods or who ever is able to do it willing to? I know it's a small detail But giving them the same picture makes sense and makes it look a bit cleaner. Cheers. :)
Mystic Typh00n
Posted on 27 November 13 at 03:18
I believe the Game Info team are making tiles for everything that doesn't have them at the moment, but I could be wrong.

Right now it seems like the majority of games have tiles, but Apps don't.
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Beast Incarnate
Posted on 27 November 13 at 05:43
Ok sweet, was just a quick fix suggestion. But I'm sure it will be sorted eventually.
Posted on 27 November 13 at 10:51
Apps only got scanned in yesterday so as mystic says they'll get images soon, unlike 360 items they don't have a given game tile so must have one made up. (Same with One games)
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