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Where did you hear about TrueAchievements?

  • Posted on 07 January 20 at 23:07, Edited on 07 January 20 at 23:09 by TommyBones17Permalink
    I was just looking up on how to unlock certain achievements on google search and this website came up.
  • Posted on 18 January 20 at 17:01Permalink
    I saw a tweet by Phil Spencer and decided to take a look at mine. I appreciate what this site does. Very cool!
  • Posted on 19 January 20 at 02:46Permalink
    Hi I heard about this site on Facebook in the Xbox community page thank you for making this site for us to meet others and hopefully make a new friend
  • SlickrivenSlickriven113,985
    Posted on 19 January 20 at 22:09Permalink
    Used to use x360a.org like many others, had seen/heard about this site from different places, searching for achievement help, forums, etc. Finally created an acct after a guy posted on GameTZ.com, which I use a TON, and showed off his 2010 decade in review from here. With all the extra stats that showed I figured it had to have a better tie-in to M$'s stats and system, so now I'm here.
  • SkarviTSkarviT131,041
    Posted on 04 February 20 at 10:32Permalink
    I got to know TrueAchievements researching a game's achievements a long time ago but I was only interested in signing up a little while ago because I saw a channel on YouTube that explained several incredible things on the site.
  • Posted on 17 February 20 at 19:32Permalink
    GreatPotBandito John Adam's os how I found out about True Achievements!!!
    Curtis Sporleder Metal Junkie 77
  • CandysR00mCandysR00m19,287
    Posted on 01 March 20 at 17:40Permalink
    A friend with like 250k Gamerscore mentioned the site intermittently and now that I play Xbox more regularly I was very interested. I love last.fm as well, which tracks your play counts over time for different artists/songs/albums, so this type of thing definitely appeals to me
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