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Did anyone else find the plot of this game a little confusin

Paul Wesley 91
Posted on 06 July 12 at 22:22, Edited on 07 July 12 at 00:21 by Paul Wesley 91
I just finished this game today, and I really enjoyed it. I am not a big fan of sandbox games, but I love detective games, so this worked well for me.

The story I had a hard time following though. Once Vice ended, things got confusing, and the ending to me felt rushed and unsatisfactory.

I was just wondering if anyone else thought the plot was confusing. Feel free to discuss plot details here, so *Spoiler Warning* for anyone reading this who hasn't finished the game.

I also haven't played any of the DLC cases, but I don't even know if that clears anything up or not.
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Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 06 July 12 at 23:37
I hated the game in general, though i did find it halarious that no matter how badly you did and how poor your detective skills were you still got constant promotions.
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Legit Spam
Legit Spam
Posted on 07 July 12 at 21:20, Edited on 07 July 12 at 21:24 by Legit Spam
Hence why the studio is gone...I loved the game personally but I wished I had waited for the DLC to play through it all.

The ending was strange but I'm glad it wasn't a happy ending. What I truly enjoyed most was trying to be a detective & the gunplay was incredible. I was amazed at the way the enemy reacted to gun shots!
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x RepoUK x
x RepoUK x
Posted on 07 July 12 at 23:13
I agree with the OP, there were several subplots that kinda meandered along but never really got resolved in a convincing way (if at all).

Too many cooks or poor story editing?
Paul Wesley 91
Posted on 09 July 12 at 22:39
I think maybe it was too many things going on at once. The game kept jumping topics, from this murder to this drug smuggling incident, to talking about the war again. It didn't flow properly.
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Posted on 11 July 12 at 19:24
I really enjoyed the game and the dlc for the game. I don't think the dlc really tied into the main story the way i'd have liked and I didn't care for the ending but it's one of my favourite games of this generation
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