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Dungeon Siege III Walkthrough Discussion

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    Posted on 03 July 13 at 14:06
    Please use this thread to discuss the Dungeon Siege III walkthrough
  • OldMateClownOldMateClown1,022,183
    Posted on 19 August 13 at 05:19
    Is this far from completion?
  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth285,863
    Posted on 16 June 14 at 08:06
    This walkthrough requires a new owner. If interested, please either PM myself or post in this thread. No work on it has been done.

  • AckterAckter338,182
    Posted on 05 July 14 at 01:44
    CLOWN TASTIC 08 said:Is this far from completion?Nearly done now, only the DLC left to write.
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