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Windows Phone Deal of the Week: July 4th, 2013

  • GR4V1G0R3GR4V1G0R3244,631
    Posted on 04 July 13 at 17:17
    v AggressoR x said:
    I'll take nfs hot pursuit
    I wouldn't, it's a pain in the arse compared to most wanted, last track is absolutely infuriating with racer, and there are some points where you just have to grind out poor results to get a good enough car......still CBA to go back and get the nudge achievement, never trying for the tier 3 racer though, too many times I was doing well only for popo to molest my rear end until I had my face in a barrier (good old overspeed "rubber-band" AI trick of all arcade racing games)

    it also had some random behaviour on my HD7, when my battery got low, it would behave like I was braking all the time, or start drifting and refuse to stop
  • Posted on 04 July 13 at 20:45
    Doodle God for 79p? Can't go wrong.

    Obviously it's an easy completion, judging by the comments.
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  • Dancsi27Dancsi27184,919
    Posted on 04 July 13 at 21:03
    just watch out for the hints bug/achievements. If you use a hint, you can't get some of the achievements related to that unless you remove the game and reinstall it (losing progress along the way)

    Andrew VII said:
    Doodle God for 79p? Can't go wrong.

    Obviously it's an easy completion, judging by the comments.
  • JakeythedudeJakeythedude717,493
    Posted on 04 July 13 at 21:20
    Doodle God is easy, already finished. Not interested in any of the other games.
  • Posted on 04 July 13 at 22:06
    Capn Beav said:
    Doodle God is a really easy completion if you don't mind sitting at your computer and staring at a list of the answers. roll
    I'll take it! laugh
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  • Posted on 05 July 13 at 09:46, Edited on 05 July 13 at 09:46 by DANgerous Mavu
    Doodle god = numbingly boring.

    Contre Jour I'm sure has been on sale lower than £1.49 as I usually on;y buy the 79p gamse! :P
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE558,136
    Posted on 05 July 13 at 14:22
    HolyHa1fDead said:
    Thanks litepink for bringing us this news so promptly :D

    Gerbil Physics (WP) (Windows Phone Deal of the Week June 27, 2013) is still available at the reduced price, but be quick if you want it.
    Not for WP8, only for WP7.

    Back on OP: Picked up Doodle God, the others are a bit too expensive still :)
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  • PhilmnatorPhilmnator267,278
    Posted on 05 July 13 at 20:22
    ooh Sims 3 wp is on sale. grabbing that :)
  • Skanker irlSkanker irl850,003
    Posted on 07 July 13 at 06:50
    Nothing for me, but I like the large number of sales.
    Xbox One for the win!
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