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E3 2011: Kinect for Select EA Sports Games in 2012

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 11 June 11 at 12:41Permalink
    i love the guy who says nobody cares about kinect. Give ME a break, i have 7 friends on my friends list alone that have and care about kinect, i care about kinect and i have one, and thousands of other people do. What you mean't to say was, 'people who don't have kinect don't care about kinect, and i don't care even though i have one because i am too stubborn to try it out even though i bought an xbox that was bundled with one'

    I am super psyched to try tiger woods, and no doubt fifa will have penalty shoot outs and free kick mini games, not to mention playing keepy uppy with a football (soccerball) using kinect. should be fun!
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    Posted on 12 June 11 at 00:59Permalink
    I'm not sure how Kinect would work with FIFA, but I could see myself enjoying Tiger Woods and Madden with Kinect. It'd sure give me a reason to buy my first Tiger Woods game ever and my first Madden since 08.
  • Flyboy80498Flyboy80498436,251
    Posted on 26 December 11 at 07:26Permalink
    I don't mind kinect, when I can walk (without a broken foot), but what about the handicap folks that are confined to a wheelchair? How does this help them that games are moving toward this direction? It can't. It is telling them that they are not an important part of the video game market and that the companies can survive by not including them into their kinect equations.
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  • Kickerreed03Kickerreed03231,660
    Posted on 22 January 12 at 01:52Permalink
    Madden 13 Kenict. Different toast
  • Posted on 24 March 12 at 18:33Permalink
    fifa 13 oh wait a minute still need to finish fifa 09 oh wait they shut servers down thanks a lot now i cant buy this , love football HATE EA
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