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E3 2011: Devil May Cry Trailer

  • Posted on 09 June 11 at 21:04Permalink
    MAGNUS 7000 said:
    I like Dantes look in MvC3.
    With BLACK hair. Apparently your hair only turns white in demon mode.
    The King is in the building!
  • NalsariusNalsarius273,596
    Posted on 11 June 11 at 14:38Permalink
    He looks like a crack head who hangs round job centres asking for 20p for an imaginary phone call he needs to make, the gameplay looks slow and sluggish, bring back the original dante.
    Posted on 12 June 11 at 01:35Permalink
    I can understand why hardcore fans don't like Dante's new look, but I personally think he looks cool either way. That trailer was definitely badass.
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