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Fail to login & play

Ellusion no
Ellusion no
Posted on 10 September 13 at 07:50
Just a heads up. I have a Samsung Ativ S wp8 phone and after making a Gameloft account (mandatory), it is impossible to even log in. All logins immediately says I have no internet connection, and that the request timed out (both wifi and cellular 3G is working as a charm). Gameloft is even able to deliver promotions about their other shitty games to the games GUI.

Contacted them in detail, but zero response.
The RolePlaying Grind:
Posted on 22 April 14 at 10:27
Did you ever get e response? I have a Nokia 1020 and this is happening to me. Not all the time as I have managed to login twice but most times its the same script. And this is at home on WiFi.
Dying is half the fun...!
Posted on 16 December 14 at 16:07
The same problems I have with Kingdoms & Lords on windows 8 pc. Gameloft are complete morons and their service does not work. Glad I saw this and that it's a gameloft game before downloading it.
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