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Xbox One's First Wave Of Apps Announced

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 12 November 13 at 18:14
    Xbox One's new slogan should be

    " also plays games"
    My God promised me "hope and change" over 2000 years ago, how is your god working out?
  • xPut Name HerexxPut Name Herex1,322,004
    Posted on 12 November 13 at 18:17
    Co0L PitBull said:
    is it me or are we missing Youtube on every country?! :O

    seems weird as the 360 and ps3 have it.. and next gen which supposed to be all about entertainment... youtube would be one of the first apps i would install, but i have my pc/laptop/phone/tablet/xbox360/ps3/smart-tv to watch youtube on for now.. although YT on the 360 is really crap but on the ps3 its good :O
    It appears Google has decided not to make a Youtube app for either of the next-gen consoles. Youtube will be playable in Xbox One's Internet Explorer however. I assume the same is true of the PS4's web browser.
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  • Posted on 12 November 13 at 18:24
    Hitchman1 said:
    xMidget Furyx said:
    Well I'll use most of the apps, if not my family will.
    Can I come over and use your apps with your family?
    only if you have pants on this time
  • MaesenkoMaesenko320,013
    Posted on 12 November 13 at 18:52
    Netflix, TED, maybe YouTube if we get it. Those are the only apps I care to use, aside from the ones that give achievements which I will never boot up again after I get them completed.
  • ElyohElyoh995,836
    Posted on 13 November 13 at 04:53
    Skype will be really handy for me, and the fitness one could be cool as, well...its free for now laugh
  • Posted on 13 November 13 at 17:48
    Only one more week left and I will camp outside of BestBuy with a big sign reading "I love Microsoft. #TeamXbox"
    Think before you speak.
  • Posted on 15 November 13 at 22:10
    I never use any of this. xbox apps are pointless.
  • Posted on 15 November 13 at 22:58
    All right! More stuff I never asked for, nor will ever use!

    Thanks Microsoft! laugh
    Fully loaded, safety off. This here is a recipe for unpleasantness.
  • cheeky 315cheeky 315284,850 284,850 GamerScore
    Posted on 16 November 13 at 13:06
    All apps should be optional, the apps I don't want need or use on my. 360 does nothing but slow down my system when I'm on the dashboard. It takes a ridiculous amount of time after logging on to even be able to look at my friends list or any other tab

    Won't use any of these so hopefully I don't have to have them sitting on my console wasting resources. I use my console for gaming I don't want to watch tv or look at a photo album on it
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 17 November 13 at 12:42
    Neo2111 said:
    l TN95 l said:
    Campotech said:
    Oh crap. No BBC iPlayer in the UK.
    out of interest whats the big deal bbc never has anything on 4od on the other hand would be a huge mistake if they didnt have that
    It's The lack of Sky Tv player I'm concerned about!
    google it sky have said they are working on summit else but also that they are looking into bringing sky to the one
  • Posted on 17 November 13 at 14:58
    I'd be stunned if all of this isn't optional. How hard is it to NOT install something?

    Complainers gunna complain...
    Unarmed and dangerous.
  • Posted on 19 November 13 at 21:38
    Would like youtube and pandora. I'm surprised no one mentioned Pandora.
  • Posted on 18 December 13 at 03:06
    I hope they get Slacker on the One soon. I listen to music on that app all day
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  • Shadow XBLShadow XBL320,553
    Posted on 26 February 14 at 17:58
    HBO Go - where, still?
  • mcnichojmcnichoj233,225
    Posted on 04 July 14 at 20:09
    DriZzT1987 said:i am using my console for playing games. i really do not care about apps. they should remove all apps to improve the dashboard performance.That's... Not how that works at all.
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