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just wondering if this could work

  • TheBuddha336TheBuddha3361,088,007
    Posted on 15 June 10 at 12:14Permalink
    let's say I have a friend who has beaten Marvel Alliance and he stii has his saved game file for this game. Now, let's say we both decide to play the game together online. Now my friend host the game with his saved game file and I play under his game. The first chance I get to saved under the shield ( that's the blue circle where you can save you game and chance characters , etc ) could I save his save game file and play under his stats, etc or achievement he has earned?
  • LimafoxtrotLimafoxtrot274,495
    Posted on 15 June 10 at 12:38Permalink
    Pretty sure you can't - I remember that game playing of the hosts saves - so what you did in their game didn't carry back to your own. It's been a while but I don't think the guests can use the save points. I know I'd play with a friend and get to use the characters he had unlocked when I first got the game, but none of that was available to me in my game.
  • CurtiesonCurtieson225,089
    Posted on 13 July 10 at 20:20Permalink
    I just played with a friend last night, whenever we went to a save point the game allowed him to save also...he was further then me, so we were replaying things he had done...but he could play as people he had unlocked and I hadn't (Blade, namely)
  • KirklessKirkless678,180
    Posted on 26 December 10 at 18:49Permalink
    I don't think this works but I have heard of many people getting the Hard playthrough achievement by finding someone that has a game save on Hard at the last boss and then joining their game and beating the boss to unlock the achievement.
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  • JGoDzzz1JGoDzzz1369,176
    Posted on 08 June 11 at 19:53Permalink
    Yes it works. Beat it on hard using a friends file and saved that file and I still have it.
  • Posted on 23 June 15 at 13:38Permalink
    Would this work for costumes and SIM disks?
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