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TA Podcast: The Dog Days of Summer Part Two

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 14 August 13 at 11:37, Edited on 14 August 13 at 11:44 by
    Tuned in.

    [shifty eyes drabik]
    Written in the stars.
  • Posted on 14 August 13 at 11:37
    Podcast Wednesday at work! TA and IGN. Looking forward to it.
    IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!!!!! BlaziNBuckwheaT
  • Posted on 14 August 13 at 12:17
    Here wo go! Podcast time baby!

    DK still rocking it strong with the fantastic intro, that's the only time I pull out my Air Guitar.
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  • Selkirk16Selkirk16440,250
    Posted on 14 August 13 at 12:36
    Well done for the podcast, but I wish this wouldn't show up as a "Site News" update (with a notification icon) everytime there's a new podcast. I guess those who're interested in this series have already subscribed or know where to look for it.
  • Big EllBig Ell1,708,680
    Posted on 14 August 13 at 13:19
    "Dog, Matrarch, and me, osubluejacket, got hot and heavy"

    A) gross
    B) horrible grammar, should be "and I"
    C) still gross
    D) I can't wait to listen
    E) I wonder if I'm mentioned again
    F) I doubt it.
    G) Willikers

  • Posted on 14 August 13 at 14:26
    I'm also playing Batman: Arkham City! I couldn't put it better myself, there's a few grinds here and there but they're easy. I'm plowing through the DLC packs now and loving the characters we get to use. The completion is near!

    Haha, the feedback system is ridiculous and such a waste of time. Dog put it well again "it's not going to work, people suck", so with that said, let's suck it up, put our hard hats/racing helmets/whatever on and man up, get out or mute those screeching kids.

    Great stuff guys, a fantastic listen as always.
    Twitter: @TA_Treezy | YouTube: Ash Treezy | "Wu-Tang is for the children" - ODB
  • Posted on 14 August 13 at 14:56, Edited on 14 August 13 at 15:17 by antmoney151
    great podcast, defiantly enjoy listening to these at work. but you shouldnt really record these and hold on to them for so long. some of the news becomes old pretty quickly. like your "brothers embargo" thing in the beginning. the game has been out a week. and the self publishing. now youre missing the headset in box and the no longer requires kinect fiasco that the system was "designed around" haha. you guys should do these twice a month.
  • Posted on 14 August 13 at 17:36
    Great podcast as usual.

    Feedback system sounds good, but I agree with what one of you guys said. People who want to play with friends will abuse the system to get into games with friends or people they are boosting with. And there are always 'those' people who will report you for not having a headset or being in party chat with some mates.

    I like the idea of Streaming the Extra Life event on Twitch. On that note. I would really like to see TA have it's own official Twitch channel (or network where people from the site can stream under) which can help promote the site during the Extra Life (or any other event). With the Xbox One having Twitch Integration, I think it will be a great idea.

    I would also like to see a Podcast every fortnight will be better. Some stories that make news at the start of the month seem "out of place" when you are talking about them.
    Also. the podcast is a bit too long for me. The other podcasts I listen to are about 1 hour in length. If you could do a 1 hour Podcast every fortnight, that would be much better (in my opinion anyways)
    1-8-7 BABY
  • o Berserkro Berserkr62,385
    Posted on 14 August 13 at 20:42
    The footnotes made me smile. I don't think this smile is going anywhere.
  • Posted on 16 August 13 at 01:57
    Great show and great discussions! Thoroughly entertaining and informative.
    The new dashboard sux!
  • Big EllBig Ell1,708,680
    Posted on 16 August 13 at 15:49
    Fun podcast as always. :)
  • Posted on 19 August 13 at 02:59
    What can you add to a podcast that can make an average podcast good, a good podcast great, a great podcast awesome?
    1/ Content
    2/ Talent
    3/ Energy
    4/ All of the above
  • XystraXystra183,789
    Posted on 19 August 13 at 05:31
    at one point you expressed some trepidation about the self-publishing, saying you believe there will be a caveat in there somewhere...
    my fear regarding self-publishing, since it was announced, is that it will HAVE to be made in Project Spark.
    Since P.S. is THEIR product, it would technically allow self-publication, but would also grant them enormous control over what's produced. it also severely limits what you can do; from what I saw in the videos shown of Spark, there's not a whole lot of freedom in terms of things like physics, graphics, content, et cetera. you just have to pick and choose from pre-built object and "plug them in". what if you want different textures? or cell shading? a new kind of playable character? I didn't see any of that in the demos. granted, I haven't had a chance to try it out and see what it's fully capable of, so my fears may prove unfounded eventually, but there they are.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 07 September 13 at 16:24
    I'm new to TA, these are great !
    I'm your friend so I'll let you have it, but as your friend I beg you not to use it
  • Monkey PeltMonkey Pelt228,030
    Posted on 08 September 13 at 03:52
    These podcasts are amazing! Would it be possible to talk about what site changes are coming with the Xbox One? Weather they're concrete or just ideas at this time, I'm super curious :)
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