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Level, score, money, achievement progress reset?!?!

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 14 August 13 at 19:36, Edited on 14 August 13 at 20:45 by
    So... i decided to play the game and when i booted up the game my level went from 18 to 1, lost all my money and my achievement progress! i guess i will have to work my way up again.

    Has anyone been having the same problem?
  • Skanker irlSkanker irl992,134
    Posted on 15 August 13 at 18:38
    I am on level 60. No such problem for me, I would be pissed.
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  • Dancsi27Dancsi27190,444
    Posted on 16 August 13 at 01:13
    i am at level 34, no such problem for me either and I hope it will stay like this.
  • FosgranFosgran60,755
    Posted on 21 August 13 at 07:22
    My level often resets to zero, but if I close the game my points, tokens etc return when it is reopened. For me the weekly challenge is the problem and progress has reset on several occasions. This week no points registered on Day 1, but by the end of day 4 I had worked up to 11,000+ and in 57th place, a few hours later it was 575 points and 18,405th place. So frustrating. I contacted Gameloft about bugs in the game last week but have had no response. I know the game is free, but it should still work.
  • ohjay08ohjay08338,881
    Posted on 04 September 13 at 21:23
    Mines been reset for a couple weeks now. I tried shutting down and restarting and nothing. Was at level 49 too. Not sure I want to invest the time to get back to where I was.
  • SuPA JooSuPA Joo108,100
    Posted on 21 September 13 at 23:48
    I've had this happen but when i click to play the game it gets my level back
  • Posted on 02 October 13 at 16:57
    In all honesty, the weekly progress means nothing for achievements unless you are going for that painstaking level 100 one. But, mine just reset and I was poised to possibly be in the 5,700 coin category when the progress reset. Didn't lose my level, thankfully.

    Seems this is another one of those games just good enough to attract you and have you pay into it to make the experience worthwhile.
  • Posted on 18 April 14 at 19:33
    Just lost everything from a level 48...beyond pissed off. Tried everything to get my level back but nope. Bad enough you need to use tokens to play n it constantly crashes now this..awful. I would have rather paid a fee for the game n be able to play when i wanted than how they done it.
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  • LuckyKantLuckyKant989,989
    Posted on 21 May 14 at 11:38
    Same thing just happened to me but after reloading, I am back at Lv45.

    So many bugs in this game.
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  • TrevisTrevis272,313
    Posted on 30 July 14 at 08:52
    Lvl 48 and reset, only 11 now :/ slowly getting back up.
  • Posted on 09 December 14 at 04:13
    Hit the weekly challenge bug. Had over 3000 points, now back down to 0. Luckily level is still intact, but I get a ton of disconnects and usually have to relaunch after each game. Problem finding server, etc.
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  • Posted on 12 December 14 at 18:26
    Ungh screw this game! Along with my leader board reset I was able to get up to top 2000 for the 2850 prize. New week has started and didn't receive any coins. I hate being a completionist...
    Your achievements are belong to us!
  • Posted on 16 January 15 at 19:07
    Crimson Drifter said:Ungh screw this game! Along with my leader board reset I was able to get up to top 2000 for the 2850 prize. New week has started and didn't receive any coins. I hate being a completionist...Reload the game with the update and choose connect with xbox live and your achievement pops :)
  • JORAXJORAX1,857,612
    Posted on 17 January 15 at 01:11, Edited on 17 January 15 at 01:12 by JORAX
    I just got bumped from level 18 to 31. However, it did not pop the level 25 achievement and it appears to be glitched. I highly recommend anyone who doesn't LOVE playing Uno to avoid this buggy game. My main PC has been disconnected on 29 out of 30 games. My phone and second PC (sitting right next to main, same network etc) tend to get dropped from every 5th game or so. I try to maintain a high completion percentage, but this one is going to sting.
  • DeviSlatorDeviSlator502,672
    Posted on 16 April 15 at 07:00
    Mine has wiped my data out from level 48. Ffs
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