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Zeno Clash II Walkthrough Discussion

Information Posted on 14 November 13 at 09:08
Please use this thread to discuss the Zeno Clash II walkthrough
C0D Logic
C0D Logic
Posted on 23 November 13 at 17:25, Edited on 23 November 13 at 17:26 by C0D Logic
It's nice to have a walkthrough for this game. I just don't have an idea how to get it started, so to who ever chose to write this nice one!.
Joe Wheat
Information Posted on 03 January 14 at 09:12
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Zeno Clash II Walkthrough
Posted on 08 January 14 at 20:57
good work dog, keep this up :)
fear my moobie wrath! its nipplepwner for a reason!!
Crimson Drifter
Posted on 31 December 14 at 01:08
The 3 point totem in the throne room is not mentioned in the story walkthrough. I suggest adding that in to avoid confusion
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The Fury I84I
The Fury I84I
Posted on 12 September 15 at 06:46
Great walkthrough toast
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