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Achievement Counters 'Stuck'?

  • ZymunGuileZymunGuile596,723
    Posted on 14 November 13 at 13:21
    I'm currently grinding towards the achievements for PvP battles, and successfully performing/resisting invasions.

    On the PvP front my counter is stuck at '17/50', yet I've won over 100 battles at this point by my reckoning.

    My counter is also stuck at 2/100 for resisting invasions, yet I've had 20+ messages in my feed saying I've successfully resisted them.

    The one for actually invading people still seems to be going up though.

    If anyone has a stuck counter yet still gets one of these achievements let me know so I can decide whether to stick with it or not :)
  • deutschZuiddeutschZuid569,575
    Posted on 14 November 13 at 21:38
    I can't even start any pvp battles. It just doesn't do anything :(.
  • KaelseKaelse474,403
    Posted on 28 October 14 at 03:58
    The counter only counts invasions by your friends that you repel from the map, not successful defenses.
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